FMC Extends Capacity Fact Finding For Three Months

FMC Extends Capacity Fact Finding For Three Months

The Federal Maritime Commission granted Commissioner Rebecca Dye a three-month extension of her fact-finding into vessel capacity and equipment shortages, putting off completion of a report until the end of this year’s peak shipping season, The Journal of Commerce learned.

Sources within the commission said the extension was granted in a closed session Monday, when the fact-finding was due to be completed. The investigation began in March after U.S. exporters complained they were unable to secure containers and chassis, and that carriers’ reduced schedules had curtailed vessel capacity.

The issue also attracted congressional attention. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., chairman of the House Transportation subcommittee on Coast Guard and maritime transportation, led a hearing on March 17 at which FMC Chairman Richard A. Lidinsky Jr. announced the fact-finding mission.

Cummings is scheduled to hold a follow-up hearing June 30.

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