DOT's Stimulus Spending Hits $28.4 Billion

DOT's Stimulus Spending Hits $28.4 Billion

The Department of Transportation’s payouts to states for work done under the 2009 economic stimulus law went above $28.4 billion as of May 20, the government reported, a $241 million increase from a week earlier.

So far in 2011, the DOT disbursed nearly $3.7 billion in payments for transportation infrastructure projects, out of its funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It was authorized $48.1 billion in all, so it has nearly $20 billion left to spend.

Almost all the remaining funds are already spoken for, either in projects already under way or those planned with backing from ARRA obligations. The DOT reimburses states to pay off project bills for design, materials and labor once a project is completed, but the work can start soon after funds are formally obligated.

The Federal Highway Administration, which is handling most of the DOT’s stimulus projects, said 13,300 road or bridge projects were approved and more than 8,200 have been completed. Another 4,700 are currently under way.

Stimulus projects through other DOT agencies range from intercity passenger rail expansions to freight rail intermodal terminals, airport runway improvements to marine highway services.

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