DOT Stimulus Spending Reaches $10.4 Billion

DOT Stimulus Spending Reaches $10.4 Billion

Disbursements by the Department of Transportation under the economic stimulus law reached $10.437 billion as of March 31, an increase of about $1 billion from February to pay for projects dominated by highway infrastructure used by commercial trucking and passenger cars.

The latest figure, posted on the Web site, is up from $10.264 billion as of March 26. DOT has made nearly $38 billion available to states for infrastructure projects under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and issues payments once it confirms work has been done.

Most of DOT’s early stimulus spending has reimbursed states for work done to resurface highways and repair bridges, though increasingly the money is also backing new road and bridge construction projects. Some has also gone into airport runway repairs and transit systems.

The president’s Council of Economic Advisers said in a new report that the Recovery Act has saved or created 2.2 to 2.8 million jobs through the first quarter of 2010. More than half the $787 billion in tax cuts and projected spending by all federal agencies has already been paid out, the CEA said.

DOT has another $10 billion to make available under ARRA, for $48 billion in all. That will include projects supported from an $8 billion account for passenger rail development and out of a $1.5 billion pool for discretionary awards to projects DOT deems of national or regional importance.

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