DOT Stimulus Spending Hits $6.5 billion

DOT Stimulus Spending Hits $6.5 billion

The Department of Transportation has paid out $6.515 billion in reimbursements to states for project spending under the stimulus law for roads, bridges, airports and transit needs.

Those disbursements through Nov. 27 were up from $6.255 billion a week earlier. They put DOT’s cumulative spending under February’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act about $1.2 billion higher at the end of November than they stood a month earlier.

DOT will spend about $48 billion in all under ARRA, and has approved projects so far that are expected to cost $31.8 billion, according to information published on the Web Site.

Still to come are $8 billion in grants not yet awarded for passenger rail development, which will include some freight rail corridors to gear them up for more passenger trains, and $1.5 billion in grants across various transport modes to be allocated at the discretion of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

DOT has the bulk of infrastructure spending under the stimulus law but not all of it. Other agencies are disbursing funds to refit trucks, locomotives and port equipment to burn less fuel and give off lower diesel emissions, to rebuild some aging rail bridges over navigable waters and to develop new economic activity by building support infrastructure for some freight terminals.

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