DOT Stimulus Payouts Reach $10.9 Billion

DOT Stimulus Payouts Reach $10.9 Billion

The Department of Transportation’s total spending under the economic stimulus package reached $10.893 billion as of April 16, up $456 million since the end of March.

The numbers, reported through the Web Site, also show that the DOT reimbursements to states for infrastructure project work rose $195 million from the week ending April 6.

Most of the $48 billion the DOT will spend under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act goes into highway and bridge projects – for repairs of existing structures and to build new ones. Most of that money is already allocated, so that the projects they support can proceed.

The DOT reimburses states for work already done, and some projects are just getting started while others had to go through a design phase before construction could begin.

Other DOT spending under the ARRA measure goes into airports for runway and building repairs, transit systems for equipment and operational support, rail system upgrades to expand passenger train use on freight rail networks and help launch two high-speed rail corridors, plus a host of multi-modal and port projects.

In addition, other government agencies from the Coast Guard to the Environmental Protection Agency are also funding some transportation projects and equipment purchases under the stimulus law.

For all departments and all types of projects, federal agencies through mid-April have paid out $219 billion under the $787 billion stimulus law, and made $378 billion available for specific projects. In addition, more than $100 billion of the law’s tax cuts have been distributed.

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