DHS Budget Increases 0.7 Percent

DHS Budget Increases 0.7 Percent

The president's 2012 budget proposes a modest increase for the Department of Homeland Security, up 0.7 percent to $43.2 billion.

The department will be focusing its assets on core security efforts, including $355 million for passenger screening and explosives-detection technology. The Coast Guard will be authorized to spend $358 million for six more rapid response cutters and $160 million for two new maritime patrol aircraft.

Offsetting the expenditures, DHS will make cuts totaling $450 million from low-priority areas, including a reduction in consulting and professional service contracts.

Customs and Border Protection will be authorized to hire 300 more inspection officers. The Automated Commercial Environment would get $170 million. It's slightly more than half the amount spent in 2010, but consistent with the ACE's original development plan. Officials have said that future appropriations for ACE will be for smaller, targeted development of the system.

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