Railroads Optimistic

On Grain ShipmentsKANSAS CITY, Mo. - U.S. railroads are expected to keep up with increased demand brought on by renewed thrusts in the grain export bonus program, according to Knight-Ridder Financial News.

There have been concerns that recent export bonus offers of wheat to the Soviet Union, China and others could overtax an already strained rail transportation system.

Rail cars to move grain have been in tight supply since last fall as railroads struggled to move grain purchased from Commodity Credit Corp., and to satisfy export demand, railroad spokesmen said. Some said they expected the tightness to continue into the winter wheat harvest season.

Grain companies and railroads appear to be settling into a routine in which two week waiting periods to get ordered rail cars are normal.

The fact China and Japan, two large buyers of U.S. grains, are taking shipment off the West Coast eases the strain on Gulf facilities and helps rail car turnaround times.

Debris Damages

Amtrak Train in Phila.

PHILADELPHIA - A New York-to-Philadelphia Amtrak passenger train was damaged by debris placed on tracks by four teen-agers, police said.

Some 400 passengers were transferred to another train after the airbrake on their train was disabled Feb. 15 in northeast Philadelphia, police said. No injuries were reported.

A total of five Amtrak trains struck the debris.

Transit Agency Workers

Suspected of Sabotage

CHICAGO - Transit agency employees are suspected of sabotaging safety devices on train doors.

Inspectors at a rail yard discovered the vandalism, involving the air- filled rubber edges that prevent doors from closing on passengers.