Genesee & Wyoming Carloads Jump 27 Percent

Genesee & Wyoming Carloads Jump 27 Percent

Rail carload traffic increased 27 percent in January at short line and regional railroad operator Genesee & Wyoming, rising to 82,735 carloads.

Those figures got a boost from the December acquisition of FreightLink, but, even excluding that business, traffic rose 18 percent last month, GWI said Friday.

The rail operator's biggest gain was in Australia, where farm and food products shipping drove a 3,075 carload increase in January, a summer month in Australia.

An increase in coal and coke carloads from New York to Illinois helped fire the traffic gains, adding almost 2,500 carloads to GWI's total in January.

Coal and coke carloads increased 15.2 percent from a year ago, the company said.

All other traffic increased by a net 6,184 carloads, with GWI reporting big increases in pulp and paper, which was up 23.5 percent, and metals, up 22 percent.

The Greenwich, Conn., firm operates 62 small railroads, most of them in the United States and Canada.

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