Audio Clip: BNSF's Rose on Electrification

Audio Clip: BNSF's Rose on Electrification

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"First, is the technology out there? Absolutely."

In this audio clip, John D. Boyd interviews BNSF Railway Chairman, President and CEO Matthew K. Rose about the prospects for electrification of the freight rail system. It is an excerpt from a much longer interview.

BNSF has had "conversations" and "serious talks" about use of the railroad right of way for power lines that could also be used to electrify rail operations, Rose told The Journal of Commerce.

BNSF, one of two leading Western Class I U.S. railroads, could opt to draw electricity from those lines for its own use, in lieu of cash payments. It could also use that electricity to power industrial parks served directly by the railroad.

BNSF has not asked locomotive makers to prepare any plans, Rose said, but has discussed with them what kind of equipment is already available or could be developed if the railroad begins to integrate electric power with its vast diesel territory.

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