ITF Condemns Injunction Against Striking Hong Kong Dockers

ITF Condemns Injunction Against Striking Hong Kong Dockers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has condemned the temporary injunction that dismisses striking dockworkers from Kwai Tsing Container Terminals in the Port of Hong Kong, claiming it is a violation of global standards.

The ITF Hong Kong Dockers Coordinating Committee — comprising the Hong Kong Storehouses, Transportation and Logistics Staff Association; the Union of Hong Kong Dockers; and the Hong Kong Docks and Ports Industry Unions — called for talks with Hongkong International Terminals and its subcontractors in January regarding working conditions and pay, and a strike began on March 28.

The ITF has called on HIT, which is owned by Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, to engage in discussions to improve working conditions and ensure parity between the company’s outsourced workers and its directly employed workforce.

Container lines and shippers are making contingency plans in case of a prolonged strike.

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