Rotterdam Hits Out at EU Port Package

Rotterdam Hits Out at EU Port Package

The Port of Rotterdam said the European Union’s proposal to appoint a supervisor for ports in every member state will increase bureaucracy on the waterfront.

Europe’s largest port said the proposal, which is part of a new port reform package published today by the European Commission, the EU’s executive, “will lead to a lot of unnecessary procedures and delays,“ as supervisors would have to start checking ports on issues such as tariffs and market access.

The port authority detailed its concerns in a joint statement with Deltalinqs, the association that represents Rotterdam’s port industries.

Hans Smits, CEO of the port authority, said the appointment of a supervisor would undermine the intentions of the European Commission to improve efficiency and would actually increase red tape.

“In the Netherlands new supervision is totally superfluous,” as the port authority and Deltalinqs agreed on a “highly efficient and effective” policy for setting port tariffs in 2004.

“The introduction of extra supervisory measures will only result in greater administrative burden and more bureaucracy,” they said.

The port said there are a number of good aspects to the Commission’s package.