Avtex Hikes Price

Of Polyester YarnAvtex Fibers Lewistown Inc. announced a 5-cent-a-pound increase on fully oriented polyester yarns, effective with May shipments on all deniers and package specifications.

James E. Crutchfield, president, said, This price is brought about by significant changes in the cost of glycol, parazylene and DMT. Avtex has maintained very stable pricing in the specialty FOY markets over an extended period; however, rapid and substantial changes in raw material costs must be reflected in yarn pricing.

Avtex Fibers is a major supplier of fully oriented polyester specialty yarns to automotive, home furnishings and other diversified markets.

Reichhold Raises

Prices for Resins

PENSACOLA, Fla. - The chemical coatings division of Reichhold Chemicals Inc. has announced an increase of 1 cent to 3 1/2 cents a pound on a variety of alkyd, epoxy ester, and polyester coating resins, effective May 15.

Vinyl toluene-modified alkyds and polyester resins will increase 1 cents/ lb.; long- and medium-oil alkyds and epoxy esters will increase 2 cents/ lb.; short-oil and chain-stopped alkys will increase 3 cents/lb., and modified alkyds will increase 3 1/2 cents/lb.

The chemical coatings division of Reichhold is a leading producer of alkyds and modified alkyds, epoxy resins and hardeners, polyester resins and amino resins.