Pennwalt Division

Plans Price HikeBUFFALO, N.Y. - Pennwalt Corp.'s Lucidol division will increase prices for its complete line of peroxydicarbonates by 8 percent effective March 1 for spot purchase customers and April 1 for contract customers.

Formulations of n-propyl peroxydicarbonate will be priced at $7.28 a pound for Lupersol 221 (pure) and $6.49 a pound for Lupersol 221M85 (85 percent in OMS). Di (sec-butyl) peroxydicarbonate formulations will be $5.10 a pound for Lupersol 225 (pure), $3.36 a pound for Lupersol 225M60 (60 percent in OMS) and $2.80 a pound for Lupersol 225M50 (50 percent in OMS).

Formulations of Di (2-ethylhexyl) peroxydicarbonate will be priced at $4.98 a pound for Lupersol 223 (pure), $3.25 a pound for Lupersol 223M75 (75 percent in OMS) and Lupersol 223DBP-75 (75 percent in Di-butyl Phthalate), $3.03 a pound for Lupersol 223M70 (70 percent in OMS) and Lupersol 223T70 (70 percent in Toluene) and $1.94 a pound for Lupersol 223M40 (40 percent in OMS).

Lucidol cites increased raw material, labor, packaging and environmental compliance costs as contributing factors.

Akzo Increases

Initiator Prices

CHICAGO - Akzo Chemie America-Noury Chemicals is increasing prices for all grades of Trigonox EHP and Trigonox SBP peroxydicarbonate initiators effective April 1, 1988.

Trigonox EHP grades increase by 4 percent and Trigonox SBP grades will be raised 2.5 percent. New delivered Trigonox prices for orders of 500 pounds or more become:

Product Price/Pound

EHP 75 percent $3.13

EHP 70 percent $2.92

EHP 40 percent $1.87

SBP $4.84

SBP 60 percent $3.19

SBP 50 percent $2.65

SBP 30 percent $1.67

Akzo is also raising prices for four of its Perkadox organic peroxide initiators on April 1, 1988. Included are Perkadox 16, Perkadox 16-W40, Perkadox BC and Perkadox BC-FF. The increases of 5.2 percent are as follows:

Product Price/Pound

Perkadox 16 $11.05

Perkadox 16-W40 $4.03

Similarly, Akzo is raising all below list prices for Perkadox BC and Perkadox BC-FF effective April 1, 1988. List prices for Perkadox BSC and Perkadox BC-FF are not affected.

These price increases are necessary to maintain margins affected recently by increases in certain key raw materials, packaging and labor.

Akzo Chemie, a member of the Akzo group of companies, manufactures and markets a wide range of specialty chemicals.

Du Pont Hikes

Resin Prices

WILMINGTON, Del. - E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. will increase market prices for Bynel coextrudable adhesive resins, effective March 1.

The increases will range from 4 to 10 cents a pound for various grades.

The increases reflect rising costs for raw materials.

Bynel adhesive resins are used in multilayer packaging for flexible and rigid food containers.