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US imports from Europe rise, but exports stall 06 Aug 2017
US importers, exporters urge ILA to avoid shutdown 23 Feb 2017
US importers told to prep for higher trans-Pacific contract rates, less perks 09 Nov 2016
US importers still in the dark on new alliance details 22 Feb 2017
US importers face stark gulf in fees when Hanjin stranded ships return 07 Sep 2016
US import growth forecast to slow after strongest surge in year 09 May 2017
US House committee takes aim at ELD mandate 18 Jul 2017
US heavy truck registrations plunge by double-digits 03 Nov 2016
US Gulf ports look to Asia for growth in containerized trade 26 Nov 2016
US Gulf ports building on growing container traffic 13 May 2017
US Gulf petrochemical investment a boon for project cargo 23 Jul 2017
US Great Lakes/Seaway volume down year to date 13 Oct 2016
US grants $1 million to train military veterans as truck drivers 18 Oct 2016
US funds to kickstart deepening at Charleston, Jacksonville, Boston 25 May 2017
US forwarders, NVO urged to file Hanjin claims immediately 17 Oct 2016
US forwarders seek clarity on changes to duty-free shipping criteria 29 Sep 2016
US for-hire truck tonnage rises, but how far? 20 Sep 2016
US exports rebounding on weaker dollar 29 Jul 2017
US exporters’ scramble for containers a warning to importers 08 Mar 2017
US exporters tapping new DDG markets hurts container volumes 18 Jul 2017
US exporters struggling to find inland containers 14 Jun 2017
US exporters eye new CN ramp for truck savings 28 Mar 2017
US exporter confusion over China’s Zika rules persists 24 Aug 2016
US Export-Import Bank supporters urge Congress to act 29 Sep 2016
US export surge and bumper ag forecast raise trans-Pacific hopes 22 Sep 2016
US export gains shield Central America trade deal under Trump 08 Dec 2016
US electronic logging rule could shunt freight to LTL carriers 02 Feb 2017
US eases truck driver testing rules for veterans 12 Oct 2016
US drug and alcohol test clearinghouse could limit truck driver force 05 Dec 2016
US distribution and warehouse space scarcer and pricier 13 Jun 2017