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Busan transshipment volume falls in wake of Hanjin collapse 25 Nov 2016
C.H. Robinson expands global network to tap e-commerce 28 Sep 2016
C.H. Robinson girds for US truckload pricing battles 01 Feb 2017
C.H. Robinson sees truckload rates drop despite volume gain 26 Apr 2017
C.H. Robinson's Wiehoff calls Hanjin crisis 'wakeup' call 28 Sep 2016
Cabotage calls return as Santos terminal recovers volume 20 Dec 2016
California legislators urges Uncle Sam to keep Hanjin cargo moving 05 Sep 2016
California ports spending millions to protect share 25 Jan 2017
California’s climate change priority to challenge its ports 17 Jun 2017
Can Maersk buck industry's lower price-per-box trend? 01 Nov 2016
Canada a model for US port productivity metric creation 20 Feb 2017
Canada container volume surge outpaces global growth 23 Aug 2017
Canada Customs to work with forwarders on weeks-long delays 06 Oct 2016
Canada pressed to streamline cargo clearance processes 25 Jun 2017
Canadian forwarders risk fines for violation of new e-lading rules 16 Dec 2016
Canadian ports zero in on fast release from mega-ships 04 Jul 2017
Canal proposes lower tolls for New Panamax backhauls 02 Jun 2017
Canceled fee gives hope to JNPT productivity measure 15 Feb 2017
Capacity discipline mitigates trans-Pac spot rate fall 24 Feb 2017
Capacity discipline restrains trans-Pacific spot rate drop 17 Feb 2017
Capacity discipline steadies trans-Pac spot rates 03 Feb 2017
Capacity from new alliances to pressure Asia-Europe rates 16 Mar 2017
Capacity upgrades, digitization drive public Indian port growth 07 Dec 2016
Capital injection aids Hanjin in fight against receivership 26 Aug 2016
Car carrier, ro-ro operators set sights on project cargo 29 Apr 2017
Car carriers face headwinds as capacity expands 22 Apr 2017
Cargill says liner cost-cutting hurting service further 23 Sep 2016
Cargo-booking exchange aims to give BCOs certainty 02 Mar 2017
Cargobase brings spot freight booking to BCOs' cell phones 05 May 2017
Cargolux profit shrinks as volume rises 27 Apr 2017