* Gordon Platt - Currency Forecast 3A

* JofC Industrial Price Index 6A* Larry Kaufman - Inside Talk on Transportation 2B

* Barry Parker - Freight Futures 12B


TNT Skypak wants to be considered as a bidder for contracts to move shipments up to 100 pounds. 4B


Deregulation of Australia's air services will start Nov. 1, and officials hope to avoid problems encountered in the United States. 4B


Japan's Yasuda Trust is making a big push to promote joint ventures, acquisitions and investments between U.S. and Asian companies. 3A



Indiana industry pumped 212 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air, land and water in 1988, according to the EPA. 11A


American Electric Power Service Corp. reached an agreement covering coal supplies for a West Virginia power station. 11B


The Journal of Commerce Industrial Price Index moved slightly higher during last week reflecting stable prices for plywood and oil. 6A

The international tin market is being pressured by slow demand from users, who don't seem to be worried about the market turning around. 6A

World sugar prices plummeted Friday amid trade and commission house selling activated by a projection for a cut in global deficits. 6A

Copper cathode shipments from the Southern Peru Copper Corp. are expected to resume in about 30 days. 11A

The Soviet Union has emerged as a new market for broilers and may edge out Japan as the traditional No. 1 foreign market for U.S. poultry. 11A


Trade and transportation companies are developing a new set of electronic messages for paperless trading. 2B


Japan's beer drinkers are developing a thirst for Brooklyn Brewery Ltd.'s beverage. 1A

Senate staffers will try to correct a mistake in tariff legislation to a limit duty refund break. 1A

3Com Corp. has started shipping its Japanese-language software designed to link groups of computers in local access networks. 5A

The United States may miss out on a huge market for "emerging technologies" without bold reforms and cooperation by manufacturers. 5A

California's governor tells trade ministers that multilateral disputes need better procedures and enforcements. 5A


International bankers criticize U.S. debt strategy and call for changes. 3A

The Group of 7 major industrial nations has succeeded, perhaps in spite of itself, in stabilizing currency exchange rates. 3A


Some foreign-owned companies in the United States are suspected of routinely underpaying U.S. corporate income taxes. 2A


Mexican manufacturers of cloth and yarns are unhappy with a Mexican-U.S. textile pact that strongly favors Mexican garment manufacturers. 4A

India will not change its economic policies to please Washington, Commerce Minister Arun Nehru said Friday. 4A

Volkswagen releases 1989 earnings this week that probably will show a profit of more than $600 million, analysts say. 4A


Insurance companies that sell bonds before maturity may be asked to change the way they report them on their financial statements. 1A

First woman to head the Risk and Insurance Management Society hopes her election adds new insight to the job. 13A

With the world marketplace growing smaller, businesses should consider insuring against once-unthought-of risks abroad, experts say. 13A

California banks are gearing to take an active part in the insurance business. 13A

A judge fines officers of collapsed insurance company $115.5 million. 13A


Atlantic Container Line cuts projected loss for 1990. 1A

New Orleans will implement port fee increases July 1, much to the dismay of the local maritime community. 1A

Competitors are taking in stride Tecmarine Lines' expansion of its U.S.-Dominican Republic service. 1B

The Federal Maritime Commission will consider two proposals aimed at easing the problem of overweight containers on U.S. highways. 1B

Norasia Shipping Services confirmed management changes and a new structure. 3B

The president of Cast (1983) Ltd. expects Eastern Europe's economic revival in the years ahead to boost demand for dry bulk shipments. 3B

Olav Rakkenes, ACL chief executive, used a novel tactic to spur shareholders in the consortium to agree to sell off their interests. 12B

A study on dredging problems in the San Francisco Bay finds that greater coordination is needed among regulatory and oversight groups. 12B


U.S. natural gas producers asked Congress to block a plan to import natural gas from Canada into New York and New England. 10B

New refinery units in Kuwait and Iran are changing the balance of supply and demand for residual fuel oil. 10B

Oil traders are unconvinced that OPEC can hold down output and boost flagging prices. 11B

Philadelphia Electric submitted its annual 20-year energy plan to state regulators. 11B


Americans' inability to draw conclusions from the collapse of communism seems particularly acute with regard to Latin America. 12A

Asian trading nations are targeting a new export market - Asia itself. 12A


Chicago suburban officials are enthusiastic about a "Buck Rogers" transit line for the region. 2B

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad reached agreement with its on-train workers. 2B


A Wall Street analyst will release a report soon saying a pending antitrust lawsuit against major truck lines has merit. 1A


The United States and the EC move closer on disputes over market access and other food trade issues but remain far apart on export subsidies. 1A

Hong Kong's export credit agency says business growth is slowing, but still reported a substantial jump in U.S.-related cover. 3A