* Kevin Commins - Currency Forecast 3A

* JofC Industrial Price Index 6A* Larry Kaufman - Inside Talk on Transportation 2B

* Tim Sansbury - Coal Markets 7B

* Barry Parker - Freight Futures 8B


The Postal Service is considering steps to improve airmail operations during the Christmas period. 5B

Automated Shipping Machines offers a device that collects small shipments at a central location. 5B

New remail rules will hamper so-called industry cowboys, according to a leading private sector remail company executive. 5B


International flights to Mexico now are offered from San Jose International Airport. 5B



Makers of hydrofluoric acid expect windfall profits as the world phases out use of chlorofluorocarbons. 7A

The EPA confirmed test results in six southern states found high levels of dioxin in fish caught downstream from paper mills and other factories. 7A

Huntsman Chemical and GE Plastics team up again, this time in styrene acrylonitrile. 7A


Five north European nations have decided to retain their ban against South African coal imports. 7B

A CSX Corp. subsidiary will provide coal to fuel a $350 million cogeneration plant in Connecticut and will transport the coal to the plant. 7B


The Journal of Commerce Industrial Price Index rose slightly in the latest week, reflecting higher prices for cotton, lead, hides, rubber and benzene. 6A

Japanese know their soybeans and they are such connoisseurs that they will pay U.S. farmers twice the going rate for a bean tailored to their taste. 6A

Congressional leaders said they will be fair-minded in support of legislation affecting the futures industry. 7A

Futures Industry Association officials said the industry group will establish an international futures industry association in the near future. 7A

Soviet grain import demand could fluctuate but is unlikely to fall substantially. 7A


American movie companies are slowly cracking the potentially lucrative Korean market. 1A

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong wants Washington to end the trade and investment embargo on Vietnam. 5A

China is alarming U.S. business with its abrupt changes in economic policy, an Ex-Im Bank official says, urging concrete moves of reassurance. 5A

The Ex-Im Bank is promoting mixed credits to give U.S. exporters a more level playing field, especially in Asia. 5A


The international economic situation, though confusing, looks manageable, private economists say. 1A

Japan's weakening economic fundamentals are seen fueling the yen's decline. 3A

The United States may not wholeheartedly support recent efforts to restrain the rising dollar, some currency analysts speculate. 3A


The recycling industry has been thrust into the spotlight as everyone scrambles to become "recycle friendly." 2A

The unemployment rate for February remained at 5.3 percent for the ninth month in a row, but the number of new jobs created jumped sharply. 10A


Southern California textile importers have formed a task force with the Customs Service to reduce costly inspection delays. 4A

Bad management is adding $3.3 billion a year to British companies' travel and entertainment bills. 4A

Brazil's state-owned company, Interbras, is one of many public companies targeted for sale or liquidation by the country's incoming president. 4A


David B. Mathis has emerged as the leading candidate to head the Kemper Corp. 9A

Allstate Insurance pushes for major update of Connecticut auto insurance law. 9A

N.J. insurers prepare to fight auto reform bill. 9A

Property/casualty insurers oppose a new accounting method on salvage and subrogation income. 9A

An Austin banker was named recently to head the Texas State Board of Insurance. 9A


Transportation officials are increasingly convinced that environment- related restrictions are going to soar in the coming decade. 1A


Dennis Clark, director of the Port of Sacramento, resigned his $72,000 position last week on short notice. 1B

The Thai port authority says it will strip one carrier group of priority berthing rights and fine others for failing to meet minimum box requirements. 3B

Commercial navigation on the St. Lawrence Seaway will open March 28, two days earlier than previously announced. 3B

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey completes restructuring of port department. 8B


Salomon's Phibro unit has become Wall Street's winning energy broker. 6B

Caltex joins other oil companies operating in Singapore in a large-scale upgrade of refining units as the industry forecasts another strong year. 7B


The rate of increase in the number of managerial positions in the United States is a major cause for worry. 8A

A new chapter in the political economy of Latin America unfolds this month. 8A


Rail suppliers who specialize in rebuilding old locomotives expect the market to boom in the next few years. 2B

CSX is changing its grain rate structure in an attempt to assure profitable short-haul operations. 2B


Manufacturers are spurring changes in the Caribbean's industrial environment and providing badly needed investment. 1A