Orion Air plans to fight the $636,000 fine proposed last week by the Federal Aviation Administration. 5BAVIATION

Next Tuesday the airline industry will kick off a multimillion-dollar campaign aimed at improving the U.S. air transport system. 5B

JAL President Susumu Yamaji reportedly sent a letter of complaint to Boeing protesting that there are too many defects in his company's aircraft. 5B

New Zealand government denied a British report it had approached British Airways to buy the national airline, Air New Zealand. 5B

Supreme Court to decide case involving the liability limit for Korean Air Lines for victims of its 1983 flight shot down by the Soviets. 5B


Pittston Coal Export Corp. has a deal with Japan's steel industry on a contract that calls for the first price increase on U.S. coking coal in many years. 7B

The Tennessee Valley Authority awarded six spot market contracts for 30,000 tons of coal for two power stations. 11B

Negotiators for the United States and the Soviet Union have yet to make a decision on the next date or place for the second round of grain talks. 6A

The Agriculture Department has limited participation in its futures pilot program. 6A


Negotiators for the United States and the Soviet Union have yet to make a decision on the next date or place for the second round of grain talks. 6A

The Agriculture Department has limited participation in its futures pilot program. 6A


Peterbilt Motors Co. has developed an onboard diagnostic tool for electronic truck equipment. 4B

A paper industry group helps set industry electronic communications standards. 4B


Japan's prime minister says his country will decide its position on the beef and citrus dispute with the United States by the first week of May. 3A

The U.S. government warms up to West Germany's opposition chief, but a Bonn official doubts any wavering in U.S. support for Chancellor Kohl. 5A

The IRS is intensifying its scrutiny of foreign-based multinational companies after a study revealed possible underreporting of profits. 5A


Wall Street is recruiting ex-seafarers to referee stock market fights. 1A

Credit market analysts say the Federal Reserve has tightened monetary policy to push short-term interest rates slightly higher. 3A

The recent pickup in U.S. exports is stimulating interest in forfaiting, a trade financing tool. 7A

The next president of the United States will have a full plate of economic problems. 7A

A two-year-old drought of new money loans to Brazil was formally broken with the signing last week of an $80 million line of credit. 7A

The U.S. dollar was mixed Monday after bouncing up and down in a narrow range. 7A


Concern about jobs made consumers less confident about their pocketbooks in March. 3A

The Supreme Court will rule whether courts should review pension disputes in which employers stand to gain money by denying benefits. 3A

Takeover activity has resumed with a new frenzy as jitters about the economy after the stock market crash have subsided. 8B

Meese investigation focuses attention of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. 8B


A Japanese manufacturing group disputed charges that imports of injection- molding machines threaten U.S. national security. 4A

Peru begins campaign to promote clothing exports. 4A


Three men are responsible for putting together what has been called the largest antitrust case in U.S. history. 1A

State law enforcers denied a claim by insurers that the antitrust lawsuits they have lodged against the industry are political vendettas. 1A

The Garrick Club, where insurers allegedly hatched an international insurance scam, has a rich tradition. 1A

A key player in the insurance antitrust case reports an interesting coincidence in his personal automobile insurance since the suit was filed. 9A

The liability crisis has affected huge areas of American life. 9A

An Indian court ordered Union Carbide to pay $192 million for Bhopal disaster. 9A


The ICC said it will proceed with new rules allowing transportation companies to collect damages from late-paying shippers. 1A

Shippers can get money saving advice at this year's annual National Small Shipments Traffic Conference being held here this week. 2B


Operation of the new space-chartering arrangement among Sea-Land Service Inc., Trans Freight Lines and Nedlloyd Lines has begun. 1A

House and Senate conference staffs agreed on a maritime practices section for the omnibus trade bill. 1B

A new freight route will connect the Japanese Port of Yokohama with Nakhodka in the Soviet Far East and Heilongjiang Province in China. 3B

A western Canadian river port is busy feeding container traffic to the United States. 3B

Federal officials say a crane wasn't designed to carry personnel. 3B

CSX Corp. has reached a tentative accord with the MPA to move its intermodal railyard in Baltimore to a new railyard being built by the state. 12B

Singapore's Neptune Orient reported its first year in the black since 1984. 12B

Australia's major waterfront union has strongly denied that the country's docks are the slowest in the world because of too many strikes. 12B


Gasoline customers may be losing out on cash discounts at service stations, Connecticut officials say. 6B

Saudi Arabia told its oil customers they must contract for at least 100,000 barrels a day to qualify for market-related price relief. 7B


The expansion of preshipment inspection firms into commercial price controls is a serious new impediment to international trade. 8A

Economists are forecasting stormy economic weather ahead for Sweden, long envied for its virtual lack on unemployment and its social system. 8A


Mexico is opening doors to more private sector participation in the state- dominated petrochemical business. 11B

A Soviet official expects the industry's chemical output to increase by slightly more than 32 percent by the end of 1990. 11B

The market for plastics stabilizers for heat and light-resistant properties is firming, analysts say. 11B

U.S. Food & Drug Administration Commissioner warns that federal approval of drugs that are not AIDS-related will be delayed. 11B


A one-year-old short line, the Chicago, Missouri and Western Railway, filed for protection from its creditors under the bankruptcy laws. 2B


Some trucking companies may be forced to seek another rate increase

because of the costly new Teamsters contract. 2B

Kenworth Truck Co. introduced a new tractor for the regional trucking market. 2B


Gov. Micahel Dukakis wrote Sen. Lloyd Bentsen urging him to keep the mandatory plant closings provision in the trade bill. 1A

A Swedish firm vying to become a major force in the East Coast furniture market also wants to buy more U.S. furniture. 3A