Salerno brothers' Salair keeps plying the Alaskan frontier with their fleet of vintage DC-3s. 5BSwissair is concerned about the effects that airline deregulation in Europe will have on it. 5B


Tampa Electric Co.'s mining affiliate is selling coal to outside customers, part of a program that management hopes will boost earnings. 8B


Simultaneous development of domestic and international markets is earning millions for Aldus Corp., a Seattle software company. 7A

Brazil has barred production of a personal computer alleged to be a copy of Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh model. 7A

Best Western International Inc. says it is undertaking a global expansion that it hopes will extend its reach to Japan, China and 10 other Asian nations. 7A


Japan and Europe plan to boost their economic ties in Latin America. 1A

IMF approval of new loan payments to Argentina has not dispelled bankers' concern on the country's prospects. 9A

Bank of America signed a business cooperation pact with China Trust and Investment Corp. for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. 9A

Two pension funds in Detroit have invested in commodities futures. 9A

The U.S. dollar traded higher in quiet, but trendless trading Tuesday. 9A

Few decisions are likely at next month's International Monetary Fund-World Bank meeting, an official said. 12A


Based on indications that the economy may be stronger than expected, analysts looked for a pickup in durable goods orders. They were disappointed. 3A


Canada accepts GATT ruling on liquor and fish. 6A

U.S. Customs Service reportedly has lifted duties on hard disk drives manufactured abroad and imported into the United States. 6A

Custom brokers still play important middleman role between shippers and Customs Service. 6A

Business took precedence over brotherhood in a suit that ended in U.S. District Court when Michael B. Shane was awarded $1.3 million. 6A


Officials in eight states launched massive antitrust lawsuits against the U.S. and British insurance industries. 1A

Insurance companies are shocked over allegations they fixed insurance prices and engaged in other antitrust activities. 11A

Insurance industry regulators say they have not detected price fixing. 11A

The Senate will attempt to cut off a filibuster against employee health risk notification legislation opposed by business groups and insurer allies. 11A

Sen. Edward Kennedy unveiled a program to provide federal long-term health cover. 11A


Ports are becoming increasingly willing to tear down their data processing walls and become participants in electronic communications networks. 2B


The maritime industry is cautious on the Federal Maritime Commission's proposed automated tariff filing system. 1A

Frank discussion is expected when the ILA and waterfront management meet to explore possible solutions to their problems. 1A

James Kirk said he is retiring as New York-New Jersey port director. 1A

A non-union stevedore's plan to operate in the Port of Pensacola could prompt concessions from the ILA. 1B

Shipping nations call for international measures to cut overcapacity worldwide. 3B

The Inland Boatmen's Union says it is being raided by District 1 of the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association. 3B

General Electric Credit Corp. has driven a wedge into USL's deal with Prudential Insurance Co. to settle a $92.8 million decimal dispute. 10B

Six Southeast nations have achieved maritime success but could move toward restrictions on foreign carriers, a new report says. 10B

A new dispute over the ocean carriage of U.S. defense shipments to Iceland may flare up. 10B

The British shipping and construction group P&O reported a sharp rise in pretax profit for 1987. 10B


The world oil industry must adapt to lower prices rather than hold out hopes for a reversal in the market's decline, an oil official said. 6B

A subsidiary of France's Total Compagnie Francaise des Petroles will purchase

CSX Corp.'s oil and gas unit. 6B

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that states may not regulate the sale of securities by interstate pipelines. 7B

European petrochemical companies blast EC free trade pact with Arab states. 7B

Cogenerated power contracts signed by Consumers Power Co., Michigan's largest utility, are expected to sharply increase its system supply. 8B


Japanese government officials remain secretive on the substance of the ongoing talks on the U.S.-Japanese bilateral patent arrangement. 10A

The current U.S. approach to dealing with poverty is a failure, and programs that emphasize self-reliance must be put in place instead. 10A

Despite changing fashions in monetary policy, money supply still matters. 10A


The FTC's order for BFGoodrich Co. to divest a vinyl chloride monomer unit reopens allegations that the market is susceptible to collusion. 9B


Amtrak's chief expects to resume Montrealer service next year, despite difficulties with Guilford Transportation Industries Inc. 4B

The Federal Railroad Administration debunks a report claiming rail hazardous material accidents are on the rise. 4B

The Chicago & North Western Transportation Co. rejected an arbitration bid, saying it will institute smaller train crews next month. 4B


P-I-E Nationwide will ask the Teamsters to replace its employee stock ownership plan with a profit-sharing deal. 2B

License rule change prompts farm complaints. 2B


Asean has achieved surprising political unity against outsiders but failed to integrate or cooperate economically. 4A

The Philippine economy seems poised for growth in a predominantly bullish atmosphere. 4A

Investment from Japan and Asia's Four Dragons is fueling growth in Thailand, squeezing U.S. companies out of Asean's latest success story. 5A


The House delayed any action on the Gephardt or Super 301 amendments to the foreign trade bill in a Senate-House conference. 1A

Foreign officials say Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Michael Smith is so tough that they prefer to negotiate with almost anyone else. 1A

Exporters speaking at a symposium Tuesday attacked the obstacles to trade presented by preshipment inspections. 3A

A Japanese court has fined Toshiba Machine Co. $15,750 for selling sensitive technology to the Soviet Union. 3A

The United States, spurred by a series of favorable rulings in trade disputes adjudicated by GATT, is taking more trade battles to the organization. 3A

The West German Cabinet Tuesday approved a tax reform package that is to take effect in 1990. 7A