Boeing formally accepted the first Chinese-made tail fin for its 737, with more to come. 5BInternational travelers arriving at some major U.S. airports this summer will be greeted by X-ray machines checking their baggage. 5B

Eastern Airlines to appeal contempt citation. 5B


The Inter-American Development Bank's president urged a 5-year grace period for Latin American debtors. 2A


A Tennessee Valley Authority official said low prices mean that now is the time for utilities to buy steam coal. 8B

Tennessee Valley Authority awarded three spot coal contracts. 8B


For the first time, a Kremlin official is using a U.S.-made desk-top computer. 1A

The sharp advance of the British pound last week could upset the chancellor of the exchequer's sums as he prepares Britain's annual budget. 5A

Analysts see Hong Kong's growth slowing sharply this year. 5A

Caribbean environmental protection agencies say they are increasingly concerned at attempts by U.S. companies to dispose of toxic waste. 5A

A Montana senator predicts that an agreement on raising Japanese quotas on beef imports will probably be reached soon. 5A

International travelers arriving at major U.S. airports this summer will be greeted by inspectors operating X-ray machines. 5A


A CFTC commissioner says the Big Lie has been used to blame futures markets to Oct. 19 stock market crash. 1A

Currency traders expect the dollar to be tested later this week if the U.S. trade deficit for January shows a renewed widening. 7A

The Sydney Futures Exchange hopes to develop a 24-hour trading system in order to protect itself against price swings in global markets. 7A

Fulton Prebon Inc. and the Chicago Board of Trade are racing to see who can be the first to offer a hedging vehicle in the federal funds market. 7A

The Hong Kong Futures Exchange has tapped a Canadian, Douglas Ford, as its new chief executive and vice chairman. 7A


Declines in the costs of food and energy pushed wholesale prices downward last month, while retail sales rose, the government said. 3A


Uncle Sam last year unnecessarily paid $3.4 million in duty. 1A

The deputy commissioner of Customs said the relationship between brokers and Customs is still healthy despite some problems. 4A

The Customs Service pledges it will be ready for the harmonized system, but warns that many importers and exporters may not be. 4A

The Canadian Import Tribunal has concluded hearings in the dumping charges against Hyundai Corp. 4A


Australia's second largest life office is looking for a suitable U.S. insurance company it can purchase so that it can expand its U.S. operations. 7A

Kidnap and ransom insurance is a profitable business for some insurance companies that cater to executives and the high-profile ranks. 7A


Virtually all reaction to a truckers' request for a strict dispatching system at West Coast ports has been unfavorable. 2B


The president of Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. said one of his major priorities is introducing five to seven new ships in its main trade route. 1A

Zim Israel Navigation Co. said it will focus on becoming a stronger intermodal transportation company. 10A

Anera announced incentives in an effort to convince shippers to commit cargo to service contracts. 1B

Shippers in Bombay are seeking help from a government commission against increases in freight and port charges set by a conference of shipping lines. 1B

A dissident member of the National Maritime Union has filed suit in federal court to block NMU's plan to merge with MEBA-1. 3B

Despite all the rhetoric about its importance, the Panama Canal is no longer very important, commercially or militarily. 3B

The Soviets have come and gone and there is still no promise of a new shipping agreement between the two countries. 3B

Evergreen and Costa Container Lines plan a space-chartering arrangement. 10B

Farrell Lines Inc. took its case against three other carriers' space charter plan to Transportation Secretary James Burnley. 10B


Battered Mexican oil giant Pemex celebrates its 50th birthday. 6B

Mobil Corp. said the company has no immediate plans for the $1.5 billion it will get for Montgomery Ward. 6B

Industry officials question U.S. data on undiscovered oil and gas. 7B

Peru signs outline agreement with Royal Dutch Shell on gas exploitation. 7B

A breakthrough in collecting solar energy may open the door to a new way of getting rid of hazardous wastes. 8B

United Illuminating Co. is giving up its $31 million interest in an energy partnership with Canada. 8B


The Federal Reserve could help stabilize the stock market if it were permitted to invest some of its reserves when investor confidence is low. 8A

A new book tells how to forecast major trends by watching news coverage. 8A


Hollingsworth redraws Hercules' constellation of products. 9B


Rail labor and carriers are attempting to forge job-protection package in short-line sales. 1A

Transportation Secretary James Burnley denied he was involved in the safety assessment of CSX's Baltimore Division. 4B

Forest companies are seeking to lease a government-owned railroad in western Canada. 4B


Groundwater pollution from steam cleaning operations poses problems for truck fleets and garages. 2B

The Transportation Department said it may allow truckers to use on-board computers instead of logbooks to record driving hours. 2B


World trade has taken some heavy hits as global economies try to fend off the slumping dollar and cries for protectionism. 1C

Shipowners, now faced with aging fleets, are having problems putting together financing needed for new tonnage. 1C

The parade of big ships is due to begin in April, as industry analysts await impact of the return of the huge econoships and new Maersk tonnage. 3C


South Korea said it is moving to change national attitudes in a bid to increase purchases from the United States. 3A