The public can get immediate access to information on drug-testing policy and regulations covering transportation workers by picking up the phone or by using a computer modem, said James B. Busey, deputy secretary of transportation.

Callers who access the new Anti-Drug Information Center literally have at their fingertips the department's entire information network on drug regulations.Mr. Busey inaugurated the service Wednesday at a ceremony at the DOT's Transportation Safety Institute in Oklahoma City. The service is available around the clock to provide detailed information and assistance.

Transportation workers, company officials, those who manage drug programs and other interested parties will be able to get a voice summary of drug regulations for various modes of transportation, quickly obtain a copy of a document by telefax, punch up a document on a computer screen and download a document to their computer database. They also can leave questions or comments on the voice mail system.

The new system was designed to enhance public safety by giving individual operators, industry and government agencies immediate access to official material. Some 4 million transportation workers in safety and security-related jobs are affected by the DOT's drug-testing regulations that became effective starting in late 1989.

Those covered by the DOT rules include pilots, flight engineers, aviation mechanics, interstate truck and bus drivers, mariners on commercial vessels and pipeline workers. Recent legislation cleared the way for rule-making on

drug testing for mass transit workers and intrastate truck drivers.

By dialing 800-CALL-DRUG, a caller can communicate with a computer- generated voice program that provides short descriptions of drug-testing programs for each mode of transportation and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the regulations.

On this number, callers can request copies of documents by facsimile, and receive them in minutes. For facsimile service, a small fee can be charged to the user's credit card account. Those who wish to access the system by computer modem should call 800-225-3804.

In this mode, the caller can punch up documents on a computer screen, request immediate transmission of the documents via fax and download information to a computer.