Merry XML-mas

Merry XML-mas

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An XML standard for transportation and improved business processes are the primary goals of the National Industrial Transportation League''s Information Technology Advancement Committee next year.

The group is looking at multimodal, multi-industry standards, said Candice Kline, chair of the committee and vice president of global logistics management at JPMorgan.

Creating a single multimodal XML shipment status message rather than one for each mode could be a step up from EDI messages. "Today EDI is very, very fragmented. It''s an opportunity to converge," she said.

Applying new technology can force companies to redefine their processes, said Buddy Meyers, vice chair of the committee and industry segment leader for IBM.

Many applications are being used to streamline the supply chain but the question is which of these technologies really will improve business, said John B. Ficker, NITL president. "You can get the best technology but if the process doesn''t fit, it''s worthless," he said.