Insurers, agents and computer vendors gathered here Wednesday to wrestle with the obstacles slowing the insurance industry's entry into the world of automation.

The industry players met at the annual meeting of Acord, a non-profit group that is leading the industry's efforts to develop a standardized computer communications system for insurers and agents.Top officials from two national agents groups were to present their views of the automation revolution while a panel of computer vendors were scheduled to offer their perspectives.

Acord's goal is the industry-wide use of single-entry, multi-company interface, an electronic system in which independent insurance agents can use one computer to transact business with several insurance companies.

At the Acord board of directors meeting today President Joseph F. Quinn was to highlight progress on the group's Impact project.

The project is a survey designed to measure the results of multi-company interface in use by a target group of insurers and agency participants. The study is still in its initial phases.