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One of the key areas in which the U.S. transportation industry will need to adapt or change in the near future involves port and container security. Ensuring that our nation's transportation infrastructure remains safe and secure is a major priority in today's environment, yet it is an issue that is not an "easy fix." Implementing effective security measures will require a system that also ensures that supply chains remain efficient and cost-effective. Traditional random searches of containers may still be necessary as part of a screening process, but a wide-scale program that protects our nation's commerce from any danger or disruption as a result of terrorism will need to explore innovative ways to achieve that objective.

U.S. transportation companies have shown strong support for programs such as the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and the Super Carrier Initiative Program. It is important that we recognize the need to move forward with comparable initiatives that address all issues involved: national security, domestic commerce and distribution costs that impact customers and, ultimately, the average consumer.

Matson Navigation Co. is aware of the important role that U.S. transportation companies have in national security and ensuring our country is supported by a strong, vital domestic infrastructure.

U.S. transportation companies have historically led the way with innovations that have revolutionized the industry, such as containerization, intermodalism, just-in-time delivery and Internet-based shipment management information systems.

We need to apply that same innovative spirit in developing measures that will effectively improve the safety and security of our ports and supply chains.