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Longshoreman Labor

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04 May 2021
An ongoing dispute between longshore labor and employers in the port of Charleston, South Carolina, in the wake of the now-ended strike in Montreal, could pale in comparison to a looming confrontation over terminal automation when negotiations begin on a new US West Coast contract next year.
02 May 2021
Forced arbitration through a back-to-work order that ended a five-day strike lays the groundwork to help Port of Montreal shield itself from growing competition from eastern US and Canadian ports.
29 Apr 2021
Striking longshore workers at the Port of Montreal said a bill that passed Canada’s lower legislative house requiring them to submit to mediation with maritime employers was unwelcome.
27 Apr 2021
Montreal’s dockworkers want to block federal intervention into their strike but offer to return to work if terminal operators agree to roll back a schedule change and other concessions.
27 Apr 2021
CMA CGM is diverting a ship away from the Leatherman terminal due to fears of an ILA lawsuit and a potential berth conflict with two Ocean Alliance services.
23 Apr 2021
Longshore workers at the Port of Montreal are planning an indefinite strike starting Monday after maritime employers changed their schedules to require seven-hour shifts rather than five.
23 Apr 2021
The International Longshoremen’s Association alleged the first ship call at the Port of Charleston’s Leatherman Terminal violated a contract governing longshore work along the East Coast.
16 Apr 2021
The ILWU and their employers have made significant progress in increasing the labor supply in Los Angeles-Long Beach, but hiring and training will continue indefinitely amid growing cargo volumes and a continued shortage of skilled workers.
10 Apr 2021
In what is expected to trigger a labor response, Montreal employers say they’re suspending guaranteed income pay after port tonnage fell 11 percent last month owing to cargo diversions amid a long-running dispute.
06 Apr 2021
A vaccination drive for longshore workers in the Port of New York-New Jersey aims to bring the workforce back up to pre-COVID-19 levels.
22 Mar 2021
Montreal dockworkers will remain on the job while looking to go back to the negotiating table after rejecting the latest contract offer from maritime employers.
19 Mar 2021
There is no solution currently on the horizon that will prevent the next meltdown at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, irrespective of what triggers it.
18 Mar 2021
A ruling by the industrial relations tribunal in Canada reduces the chances of federal intervention if Montreal longshore workers vote Sunday against a proposed new contract and then strike.
06 Jan 2021
South Carolina Ports Authority on Wednesday filed an unfair labor practice charge alleging an illegal secondary boycott in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.
25 Sep 2020
DP World and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) say they expect to finalize an employment agreement covering the terminal operator's Port Botany facility in Sydney next week.
21 Aug 2020
Leaders from the Maritime Employers Association and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) say they are confident they can agree to a new contract before the truce expires in March 2021.
07 Aug 2020
The latest strike action and low expectations among employers that the federal government will intervene suggests Canada’s second-largest port faces a protracted disruption.
03 Aug 2020
The latest strike notice adds to the shipping industry’s fears that the disruption will have lasting damage on Montreal's attractiveness as a gateway for so-called discretionary cargo.
31 Jul 2020
Observers say the port strike, if it drags on, could create lasting damage to the Port of Montreal, which handles a significant volume of discretionary cargo able to move through other ports.
29 Jul 2020
The latest strike action raises concerns that port clerk and longshore will launch consecutive strikes at Montreal, the second-largest East Coast port.
27 Jul 2020
The second strike action in less than two months at the second-largest Canadian container port bodes poorly for longshore workers and employers agreeing to a new contract soon.
24 Jul 2020
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union's (ILWU) letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom compounds worries that have been mounting for over a year surrounding the issue of allowing West Coast terminals to install labor-saving cargo handling equipment.
09 Jul 2020
An appellate court has denied the commission’s request for a rehearing of an earlier decision that would shift responsibility for background checks and criminal investigations at the largest US East Coast port to New Jersey state police.
02 Jul 2020
Montreal waterfront employers a decade ago locked out longshore workers for several days, after the union authorized a strike following an 18-month impasse in contract talks.
10 Jun 2020
ILWU’s monthly stop-work meeting to discuss union matters moved to June 19 day shift as West Coast longshoremen honor slain African-American George Floyd.
08 Jun 2020
Proponents of reducing the Waterfront Commission role have argued the commission oversteps its authority to combat crime on the docks and slows down hiring.
22 May 2020
Congressional representatives of New York and New Jersey this week sent a letter to House and Senate leaders in support of $3 billion in financial aid for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
15 May 2020
Sources say there is little doubt that automation will be a major issue for the ILWU when negotiations begin, likely in early 2022. The question is how hard it will press the issue.
09 Apr 2020
The head of the Pacific Maritime Association is instructing members to report all health incidents through an online portal after ILWU workers refused to enter Terminal 18 Monday, citing fear of coronavirus contamination.
21 Mar 2020
Judge Michael H. Simon will contact the ILWU and ICTSI about setting up a new trial to determine the amount of the award.
16 Mar 2020
Former vice president Joe Biden’s support for unions and long-time ties with the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) have prompted the union to endorse Biden for president of the United States.
07 Mar 2020
Portland judge reduces $93.6 million jury award against ILWU to $19 million, possibly bringing an end in sight to a legal battle that started with job actions that began in 2012.
07 Jan 2020
A court showdown between the International Longshore & Warehouse Union and the former operator of Portland’s container terminal is set for Feb. 14. The ILWU will argue the $93.6 million jury award it faces for work slowdowns at the port between 2013-2017 is unjustified.
06 Jan 2020
Dockworker and other logistics-related labor unions in Hong Kong are looking to stem a decline in membership that began after a 2013 strike that disrupted operations at Hutchison Port Holdings’ Hongkong International Terminals (HIT).
19 Dec 2019
Hutchison Ports will have to keep APM Terminals Rotterdam at arm’s length for a while once the sale is approved, with volume guarantees and a ban on firing staff also included the deal.