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06 Dec 2022
The head of the union representing East and Gulf coast dockworkers says relations with port employers are strong heading into talks over a new master contract that would begin next year.
21 Nov 2022
The Port of Mobile’s breakbulk dockworkers will go ahead with a strike against stevedoring firm CSA Equipment after a month-long cooling period failed to produce a new contract.
15 Nov 2022
OICT is operated by SSA Marine, the same operator that runs Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle, which has been the site of a inter-union work jurisdictional dispute that has forced the broader West Coast contract talks to be put on hold.
02 Nov 2022
A work stoppage in Oakland only served to further stoke the fears of US cargo interests who have been routing discretionary cargo away from West Coast ports to avoid disruptions linked to ongoing longshore labor talks.
20 Oct 2022
Union workers at Mobile’s breakbulk and general cargo docks are the only ones working for a maritime employer without a ratified contract during the ILA’s current 2018-2024 master contract term.
14 Oct 2022
While retailers normally divert some discretionary cargo to ports on the East and Gulf coasts in years when the ILWU and PMA negotiate a new contract, the shift away from the West Coast has been particularly dramatic this year.
11 Oct 2022
Port operations in Liverpool continue to be heavily disrupted by escalating strike action, with no signs either party is willing to compromise in an increasingly bitter pay dispute.
27 Sep 2022
A jurisdictional dispute between the ILWU and the machinists union over jobs at Terminal 5 in Seattle has become a major snag in West Coast contract talks between the ILWU and waterfront employers.
27 Sep 2022
The ILA is planning to work on local contract talks as it seeks to avoid any disruptions on the East and Gulf coasts that could derail negotiations over extending the master contract ahead of the current deal’s 2024 expiry.
26 Sep 2022
Slowdown tactics employed by the ILWU last week reduced cargo handling productivity in Oakland and Seattle-Tacoma and come as the union and waterfront employers continue to negotiate for a new contract.
20 Sep 2022
A tentative contract agreement between security guards represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and employers in Los Angeles-Long Beach eliminates one possible source of cargo-handling disruption.
14 Sep 2022
Although West Coast longshore labor and management in July announced progress in the form of an interim agreement on health benefits, headway in recent weeks has been minimal on what are considered far more difficult issues.
27 Jul 2022
The fact the ILWU and PMA issued an update showing progress in labor talks while the negotiations are ongoing should be welcomed by trade groups that have expressed concern about possible port disruptions on the West Coast.
21 Jul 2022
Cargo handling and gate operations in Oakland effectively ground to a halt as trucker protests over California’s AB5 law continued for a fourth day.
08 Jul 2022
The ILA wants the White House to stay out of the labor dispute involving Charleston’s Leatherman terminal, after an FMC member sought intervention from President Joe Biden.
30 Jun 2022
A Federal Maritime Commissioner is calling on the White House to step in and help end the labor dispute that has kept Charleston’s Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal significantly underutilized since its opening last year.
22 Jun 2022
The US Supreme Court will allow New York and New Jersey to file legal arguments about whether a 70-year-old compact for joint port policing powers also allows either side to exit the deal.
14 Jun 2022
West Coast employers and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, in a rare joint statement while contract negotiations are under way, pledged to continue negotiations beyond July 1.
09 Jun 2022
West Coast terminal operators and the ILWU are weighing a proposal that would allow terminals to open their gates at 6 a.m., a move that has the support of truckers.
01 Jun 2022
Contract negotiations between the ILWU and West Coast marine terminal employers started up again on Wednesday after an unexpected halt in late May.
26 May 2022
Messaging from employers and longshore unions indicates that the contentious issue of automation is coloring recently suspended contract talks between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association.
23 May 2022
Coastwide contract negotiations between the ILWU and West Coast waterfront employers have been put on hold, although individual committee meetings on specific issues such as worker safety will continue.
20 May 2022
The ILWU wants to temporarily suspend contract talks with West Coast waterfront employers, according to sources, with one saying little progress has been made since negotiations began May 10.
13 May 2022
ILA leadership is expressing solidarity with the ILWU as it begins contract talks with West Coast terminal employers, while warning against further automation at US ports.
06 May 2022
The head of the Pacific Maritime Association said he is optimistic about a smooth outcome for upcoming contract negotiations with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, though he defended automation as a key tool to grow terminal volumes.
02 May 2022
A study commissioned by the Pacific Maritime Association says the automation of cargo-handling equipment at two marine terminals in Los Angeles-Long Beach resulted in more jobs for longshoremen. The ILWU disagrees.
21 Apr 2022
That West Coast longshore labor leadership is speaking publicly — and tinged with optimism — about upcoming negotiations with employers is boosting hopes a new contract agreement will be reached without further disrupting the US supply chain.
18 Apr 2022
The International Longshoremen’s Association alleges that agreements for marine terminal operations at Savannah and Charleston are anti-competitive.
24 Mar 2022
The US Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a New Jersey law that would allow the state to exit the bi-state police agency charged with investigating criminal activity among longshore labor at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
22 Mar 2022
New Jersey has filed a brief opposing New York’s attempt to keep alive a bi-state police agency charged with investigating criminal activity among longshore labor.
15 Mar 2022
The state of New York has filed with the US Supreme Court to stop New Jersey from leaving a bi-state police agency that has authority over hiring and firing at the Port of New York and New Jersey.
09 Mar 2022
Longshore union representatives have told the Federal Maritime Commission that better data sharing would create more labor efficiency and provide the ability to better handle unexpected situations on the docks.
22 Feb 2022
The South Carolina Ports Authority has proposed converting of one of three International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) locals from part-time to full-time work in exchange for the ILA settling its dispute over work performed at the new Leatherman terminal in Charleston.
08 Feb 2022
Potential automation of cargo handling is most likely the major topic of discussion as International Longshore & Warehouse Union delegates gather this week to develop their strategy for upcoming contract negotiations with West Coast employers.
14 Jan 2022
Plagued by vessel bunching, terminal congestion, and equipment shortages for much of last year, North America’s West Coast ports are cautioned that these conditions are likely to persist well into 2022 even if imports slow from the double-digit gains in 2021.