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FMC judge ruling on chassis will have major impact, but questions linger

Ari Ashe, Senior Editor |
A decision by an FMC administrative judge on chassis usage will shake up the way chassis are provisioned for ocean containers, but there are several unknowns on what the future will look like at ports and rail hubs.
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West Coast labor talks resume after T-5 dispute temporarily set aside: sources

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The resumption of negotiations between the ILWU and terminal employers can be viewed as a case of both sides feeling external pressure to get a deal done, especially with stakeholders growing increasingly displeased at the cargo bleed from West Coast ports.
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High full-year rate levels offset OOCL’s poor Q4 performance

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
It might have been a fourth quarter to forget for OOCL as volume and rates tumbled, but a strong performance through the rest of 2022 has put the carrier on course for another profitable year.
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Zero-carbon fuel crucial in meeting EU truck emissions targets: transport groups

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Meeting the EU road emissions targets will not be achieved by focusing exclusively on electric vehicles, with the combustion engine likely to play a significant role over the next two decades.
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Maersk must contend with volumes, market share in steady decline: analyst

Lars Jensen, CEO & Partner, Vespucci Maritime, and JOC Analyst |
If Maersk’s volumes and market share continue to slip, the reduction in size will eventually challenge profitability aspirations in a market where some competitors are increasing their scale benefit, writes analyst Lars Jensen.
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US DOT says ports can tap $662 million in 2023 grants

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration is on the hunt for port projects that mitigate climate change, among other aims, as it lays out grant funding opportunities for 2023.
Transport, Trade, and Regulation NewsNorth American ports

Pandemic effect drives disconnect in global trade-GDP demand indicator

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Global economic growth is expected to outstrip container shipping demand through 2023, potentially upsetting the traditional approach to measuring trade.
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Flexport debuts Shopify app in move to target small importers

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
A new Flexport app on Shopify’s partner marketplace is likely to be the first of many initiatives between the forwarder and e-commerce storefront provider.
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Cosco upsizes Asia-US Gulf service to post-Panamax ships amid port upgrades

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The buildout of warehouse and distribution capacity in Gulf Coast states is prompting ocean carriers to deploy larger ships, with Cosco Shipping joining the rush.
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Increased vessel capacity, reliability key to 2023 reefer rebound

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Refrigerated container trade was muted in 2022 due to high costs and poor service, but ocean carriers appear keen to serve those markets in 2023 now that dry cargo rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels.
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No ‘musical chairs’ by carriers after end of 2M Alliance: Maersk CEO

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Maersk does not believe any of the major carriers outside the 2M Alliance have the competitive network, scale, or cost base to forge individual paths outside their current partnerships.
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Spot truckload rates rising at US East Coast ports, falling on West Coast

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Analysts have told the Journal of Commerce they expect spot market pricing to bottom out and remain flat for some time before rising again, most likely at a slow pace.
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US retailers offer little optimism in gloomy H1 import forecast

Kevin Saville, Managing Editor |
The uncertain direction of the US economy is prompting consumers to hit the pause button on their buying habits, forcing a major retail group to further downgrade import projections through the first half of the year.
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Uncertain market clouds outlook for South China terminal operator

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Slowing global trade and tough Chinese measures to combat COVID-19 infections dragged down volume last year at Hutchison Ports subsidiary HPH Trust.
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Overhaul acquisition consolidates freight risk management market

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Freight visibility provider Overhaul has acquired a competitor that doubles its size and gives it deeper cargo monitoring capability in Brazil, Mexico, and Central Europe.
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FMC administrative judge rules in truckers’ favor in chassis dispute

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
Ocean carriers cannot limit the use of chassis by motor carriers in merchant haulage, the FMC’s chief administrative judge said in an “initial” summary decision meant to resolve a long-running dispute. 
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FMC order for MSC to justify congestion fee marks first under OSRA-22

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The Federal Maritime Commission has exercised its first use of new legal authority under OSRA-22 requiring an ocean carrier to justify the reason behind levying a congestion surcharge against a shipper.
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Sharp increase in capacity keeps trans-Atlantic rates under pressure

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Carriers on the trans-Atlantic find themselves in the curious position of adding capacity to the trade while at the same time having to blank sailings to maintain the supply-demand balance.
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MSC extends Asia-USWC string to India as primary market demand wanes

Bency Mathew, Special Correspondent |
With the extended port reach into India, carriers are looking to fill leftover capacity from Southeast Asia as primary market volumes slow and US sourcing within Asia diversifies beyond China, sources say.
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US retailers’ global sourcing strategy will take time to develop: analysts

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
As the size of China’s workforce declines and production challenges increase, US retailers are shifting to global sourcing strategies, with each sector looking for the business model that meets its particular requirements.
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End of 2M Alliance will set dominoes in motion across ocean shipping: analyst

Lars Jensen, CEO & Partner, Vespucci Maritime, and JOC Analyst |
The announced dissolution of the 2M Alliance raises the question of what additional large-scale dominoes might be toppling over in the next few years in the container shipping sector, writes analyst Lars Jensen.
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New IMO rules force global reefer fleet to confront uncertain future

Richard Bright, JOC analyst |
The specialized reefer fleet has proven to be remarkably resilient in the face of various challenges, but now it must deal with the latest threat in the form of new IMO environmental regulations.
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C.H. Robinson reaffirms commitment to global forwarding business

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor |
The largest US logistics provider claims “compelling results” from cross-selling surface transportation and air and ocean services, despite weak market conditions.
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Rapid container rate decline complicates payment picture for shippers

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
US importers that renegotiated contract rates or shifted to the spot market in the second half of 2022 have also had to adjust to different accessorial charges and transmission formats.
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MSC opens more direct port connections for Indian exporters as volumes taper

Bency Mathew, Special Correspondent |
The expansion of origin-to-destination ocean connectivity with predictable transit time improvements is a boon for Indian exporters trying to find untapped markets for their products amid slowing demand.
Container Shipping NewsContainer linesInternational ports

DSV books record result for 2022, but warns that bull run for profits is over

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Denmark’s DSV collected record profits for 2022, but the forwarder says a return to a more “normal” market has begun.
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2M breakup throws carriers’ operating playbook out the window

Peter Tirschwell |
The breakup of the 2M Alliance opens the door to a few possibilities, including the industry reverting to a competitive scramble for market share, driving down profits and forcing yet another round of M&A activity, writes Peter Tirschwell.
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Freightify lands funding to target digital rate management in North America

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Technology provider Freightify is aiming to empower forwarders to build an online quoting presence that would lessen their reliance on rate marketplaces.
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Improved US cargo flow drives continued gains in trans-Pacific schedule reliability

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The return of US ports to normal cargo flow is demonstrated starkly in the year-over-year comparisons of vessel schedule reliability in the Asia-US trade.
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Sourcing shift from China pulls US import share to more than a decade low

Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor |
Data shows US importers are walking the walk when it comes to sourcing diversification, slowly moving trade flows away from China and toward Vietnam, India, and South Korea, writes Journal of Commerce Executive Editor Mark Szakonyi.
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Norfolk Southern adds to Southeast intermodal capacity with new cranes

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Norfolk Southern’s plan to bring more capacity to its international intermodal business this year has kicked off with new cranes enabling the stacking of marine containers at its Austell ramp in Georgia.
North-American railContainer Shipping NewsNorth American portsIntermodal providers

Asia-Europe spot rates soften to pre-pandemic levels

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
Carriers have entered 2023 with too much supply and not enough demand on the Asia-Europe trade, with rates continuing their downward spiral through January.
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Savannah aims for more cold-chain cargo with new reefer racks

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
The Port of Savannah says plans for additional reefer rack capacity will add to its market share for cold chain imports coming into the US Southeast and Gulf Coast.
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ONE cuts profit forecast on persistent market weakness

Greg Knowler, Senior Editor Europe |
The first 2022 financial results from ocean container carriers are filtering in, revealing the impact of collapsing rates and demand on profitability levels.
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Magaya gets cash infusion to fuel customs-led international growth

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
The software arms race taking place in the global forwarding space shows no signs of relenting, with Miami-based Magaya getting growth capital to fuel its international ambitions.
Logistics Technology NewsForwarding

Spread between East, West coast ocean spot rates returns to pre-pandemic levels

Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor |
The premium rate that importers had been paying to ship Asian imports through the US East Coast has dropped considerably over the past few months, allowing the spread between East and West coast spot rates to narrow to pre-pandemic levels.
MaritimeContainer Shipping NewsTrans-PacificNorth American ports

Ro/ro executive Batista joins GPA as port gears up for expansion

Janet Nodar, Senior Editor, Breakbulk and Heavy Lift |
A long-time ro/ro executive with Wallenius Wilhelmsen will shift his focus to container BCOs in a new position with the Georgia Ports Authority.
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FMC drops bid to use OSRA-22 for emergency data sharing

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
A Federal Maritime Commission member’s attempt to force marine terminals and ocean carriers to share more data under OSRA-22 has ended with the normalization of the ocean freight market.
Transport, Trade, and Regulation NewsContainer Shipping NewsPort News

Investors fuel drayage software provider PortPro with $12 million in funding

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor |
Investors see drayage as an area rife for technological improvement, with software provider PortPro the latest startup to secure funding to empower port truckers.
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NY-NJ marine terminals offering up more data to improve truck flow

Michael Angell, Associate Editor |
Last year’s container surge prompted a harder look at information sharing for container availability and port operations, which New York-New Jersey marine terminals are responding to with new data.
North American portsContainer Shipping NewsTransport, Trade, and Regulation News