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Serious financial providers

Ref No.: 036992 Filed: 10-19-95

Contacts needed in L.A.

Ref No.: 037008 Filed: 10-19-95

Magnetic resonance imaging venture

Ref No.: 037014 Fil

Seeking partnership

Ref No.: 037028 Filed: 10-20-95

Commodity trading & shipping

Ref No.: 037030 Filed: 10-20-95

Recruitment & training solutions

Ref No.: 037031 Filed: 10-20-95

Seeking overseas partners/buyers

Ref No.: 037033 Filed: 10-20-95

Great opportunity/properties

Ref No.: 037038 Filed: 10-20-95

Sale/rent Mexican real estate

Ref No.: 037039 Filed: 10-20-95

Professional technical translators

Ref No.: 037046 Filed: 10-21-95

Portable fridge/freezer

Ref No.: 037107 Filed: 10-24-95

Ready to work as your agent

Ref No.: 037109 Filed: 10-24-95

Real estate in Croatia

Ref No.: 037110 Filed: 10-24-95

Knitwear manufacturing

Ref No.: 037115 Filed: 10-24-95

Trade facilitation partners

Ref No.: 037126 Filed: 10-25-95

Seeking distributors

Ref No.: 037133 Filed: 10-25-95

Research for Italian markets

Ref No.: 037134 Filed: 10-25-95

Your agent in Indonesia

Ref No.: 037137 Filed: 10-25-95

Medical equipment distributor

Ref No.: 037141 Filed: 10-25-95

Market your products in Canada

Ref No.: 037145 Filed: 10-25-95

Travel industry experience

Ref No.: 037148 Filed: 10-25-95

Chemical products

Ref No.: 037150 Filed: 10-25-95

Seeking partner

Ref No.: 037151 Filed: 10-25-95

Seeking manufacturers

Ref No.: 037156 Filed: 10-25-95

High tech touch-screen monitor

Ref No.: 037162 Filed: 10-25-95