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Diclofenac sodium esp. U.S market

Ref No.: 034663 Filed: 07-24-95

Colloid storage battery

Ref No.: 034664 Filed: 07-24-95

Spectacles/contact lenses

Ref No.: 034665 Filed: 07-24-95

Leasing space in Mexico

Ref No.: 034672 Filed: 07-24-95

New jeans/shirts etc.

Ref No.: 034674 Filed: 07-24-95

Stainless steel pipes

Ref No.: 034677 Filed: 07-24-95

Organic vegtables, beef, sauces

Ref No.: 034684 Filed: 07-24-95

Household scrubber/sponge

Ref No.: 034685 Filed: 07-24-95

Nonwoven fabric roll goods

Ref No.: 034686 Filed: 07-24-95

Surgical instrument/aluminum walking sticks

Ref No.: 034693 Filed: 07-25-95

Plastic injection mold

Ref No.: 034694 Filed: 07-25-95

Super safety helmets for bicycle

Ref No.: 034695 Filed: 07-25-95

Ductile iron pipes

Ref No.: 034698 Filed: 07-25-95

HDPE, PP, PE bags

Ref No.: 034699 Filed: 07-25-95


Ref No.: 034702 Filed: 07-25-95

Investment opportunity in Spain

Ref No.: 034705 Filed: 07-25-95

Static protection system

Ref No.: 034706 Filed: 07-25-95

Bell collection

Ref No.: 034709 Filed: 07-25-95

Continuous-feed computer paper

Ref No.: 034713 Filed: 07-25-95

Recycled jeans

Ref No.: 034715 Filed: 07-25-95

Cleaning product distributors

Ref No.: 034716 Filed: 07-25-95

Aerosol insecticides/air fresheners

Ref No.: 034730 Filed: 07-26-95

Stain remover

Ref No.: 034731 Filed: 07-26-95

Baby care products

Ref No.: 034732 Filed: 07-26-95

Womens belt/shoe buckles

Ref No.: 034733 Filed: 07-26-95

Complete textile mill

Ref No.: 034734 Filed: 07-26-95

Long sleeves T-shirts

Ref No.: 034736 Filed: 07-26-95

Levis jeans

Ref No.: 034737 Filed: 07-26-95

Milk powder, butter, pigs, pork products

Ref No.: 034738 Filed: 07-26-95

Frozen fish/seafood

Ref No.: 034740 Filed: 07-27-95

Eva foam, shoe components, blinds

Ref No.: 034741 Filed: 07-27-95


Ref No.: 034742 Filed: 07-27-95

Aloe vera juice/products

Ref No.: 034746 Filed: 07-27-95