Winter surcharge for Russia port

Winter surcharge for Russia port

NEW DELHI - Major shipping lines serving the trade route between the Indian sub-continent and Europe have added a winter surcharge to cargo shipped to and from St. Petersburg in Russia.

The India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Ceylon conference said in a notice to trade that the winter surcharge of $50 a TEU would be effective Dec. 1, and would remain in force until March 31, 2004.

Russia was once a major market for Indian tea, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. After a sharp dip, exports are once again increasing.

Separately, shipping lines have hiked, by an average of $500 a FEU, freight for a refrigerated citrus fruit shipments from Pakistan to Europe, the Mid-East and the Far East.

The new rates will apply to all shipments from Nov. 15, shipping lines said in a notice to trade in Pakistan. The rate for Singapore is up $500 to $2500, to Colombo by $330 to $2000, to Dubai by $500 to $2000, and the United Kingdom by $300 to $3300.

November is usually the peak export season for citrus fruit from Pakistan, and it sees a freight hike by carriers every year. Shipping lines previously raised rates to the Far East and Europe by $75 a TEU on Oct. 1.

Pakistan produces six million metric tons of fruit and five million tons of vegetables annually. Exports are worth about $90 million a year. About 50 percent of citrus fruit exports goes to the Far East.