Seamen's Church Institute. New York. Water Street Gallery exhibits paintings by 20 maritime artists. Contact: (212) 349-9090.


Seamen's Church Institute of New York and New Jersey. June 18. New York. Annual Silver Bell Awards benefit dinner. Contact: Andrea Laine, e-mail: pr(AT) or (212) 349-9090, ext. 243.

New York County Lawyers' Association. June 18. New York. Committee on admiralty and maritime law of the association sponsors luncheon forum on ''Perspectives on Maritime Arbitration: Three Viewpoints.'' Henry E. Engelbrecht, president, Lexington Maritime Services Inc.; James D. Kleiner, partner, Piper & Marbury; and Robert A. Milana, partner, Kirlin, Campbell & Keating. Contact: (212) 267-6646, ext. 219.

American Trucking Associations. June 18. Arlington, Va. Presentation of contribution to America's Promise - the Alliance for Youth. Contact: Jacqueline Biddle, (703) 838-1913, or Sean Shields, (703) 838-1836.

Department of Transportation. June 18. Washington. Research and Special Programs Administration holds public meetings in preparation for the U.N. Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (Unscoe) to be held June 29-July 10 in Geneva, and to discuss U.S. positions on Unscoe proposals. Contact: Frist Wybenga, (202) 366-0656.

Duty Drawback Compliance Seminar. June 18. Oradell, N.J. Sponsored by Compliance Consultants Inc. Contact: Joan Bersch, (201) 967-7330.

Transportation Club of Detroit. June 19. Barbara O'Leary Wyman, consultant and trainer for Omnex discusses ''Key ISO 9000 Elements for Transportation Industry.'' Contact: Toni Pantano, (810) 776-2300.

Containerization and Intermodal Institute. June 22-23. Jacksonville, Fla. Southeast Conference and Shippers' Dialogue. Co-sponsored by the Jacksonville Port Authority. Contact: C&II, (973) 226-0160, or Jaxport, (904) 630-3070.

American Petroleum Institute. June 22-23. La Jolla, Calif. Annual tanker conference. Contact: Allie Chamberlain, (202) 682-8229.

American Society of Transportation and Logistics Inc. June 23. West Conshohocken, Pa. ''Mergers and Consolidations in Transportation'' is topic of dinner meeting. Contact: Charlie Hill, (215) 646-8694 or fax (215) 836-5954.

Transportation Club of Seattle. June 23. Seattle. Golf tournament. Contact: Gordon Neumiller, (206) 232-1911 or fax (206) 232-1911.

Greater Philadelphia Business Expo. June 24. Philadelphia. Held in conjunction with Business Expo. Contact: Barbara Saverino, e-mail bsaverino(AT) or (215) 790-3647.

American Association of Port Authorities. June 24-26. Seattle. Special seminar for members of port authority governing boards and commissions. Contact: Elana Foster, (703) 706-4717.

Third Annual Blessing of the Port Day. June 26. Port Newark, N.J. The Rev. Mario Balbi of Stella Maris Chapel leads the blessing of the port, facilities, vessels and workers. Contact: Gary W. Whyte, (718) 442-7525 or fax (718) 442-7560.

Transportation Table. June 26. Washington. Topic: ''How Norfolk Southern is preparing for th challenges posed by the merger.'' Contact: Lois Brown, (202) 783-1101 or fax (202) 661-3383.

Agriculture Transportation Meeting. June 26. San Francisco. Speakers to include Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Hal Creel, as well as speakers from Transpacific Westbound Rate Agreement, American Trucking Association, Union Pacific, Alliance for Rail Competition, Sea-Land Service Inc. Closed-door ''shippers only'' session to address harbor maintenance tax refunds, ocean shipping reform, truck weight legislation, rail competition, Automated Export Systems. Agricultural shippers, forwarders and transportation providers invited. Contact: AgTC, (415) 292-6222.

Western Dredging Association. June 28-July 2. World dredging convention. Contact: (360) 750-0209 or e-mail weda(AT) or fax (360) 750-1145.

International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations. June 30-July 4. Calgary, Alberta. Contact: (613) 562-3543.


American Maritime Safety Inc. July 2. New York. One-day drug and alcohol training and educational seminar for vessel supervisors and human resource managers. Industry certification will be issued to those individuals who successfully complete the course. Contact: Sharon Miklas (212) 557-9530 or email: amsadmins(AT)

Truck Size and Weight Limits. July 7-8. Washington. Federal Highway Administration holds conference. Contact: Regina McElroy, (202) 366-9216, Megan Naranjo, (202) 366-0281 or Charles E. Medalen, (202) 366-1354.

National Industrial Transportation League. July 7-8. Dallas. Forum on preventing future rail service failures. Co-sponsored by Association of American Railroads and Intermodal Association of North America. Contact: Pat Mascari, (703) 524-5011.

U.S. Department of Commerce. July 7-8. Washington. Export seminar staff holds 11th annual update. Contact: Federation of International Trade Associations, (703) 620-1588 or (800) 926-FITA or Export Seminar Staff (202) 482-6031.

Transportation Table. July 10. Washington. Jack Van Steenburg, president, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is guest speaker. Contact: Lois Brown, (202) 783-1101 or fax (202) 661-3383.

Interlog '98. July 13-16. Chicago. ''Winning Implementation Strategies for Service, Parts, Logistics and Distribution'' is title of International Quality & Productivity Center conference. Contact: (800) 882-8684, or fax (973) 256-0205.

Compliance Link '98. July 16. Chicago. Full-day seminar discussing requirements of the Modernization and Informed Compliance Act and how the Customs process can be integrated into an importer's inbound logistics chain. Presenters of the seminar are Jerry Peck, director, AEI Consulting, and attorneys. Other dates and sites: Miami, July 30; Atlanta, Aug. 13; Toronto, Aug. 25; Detroit, Aug. 27; San Diego, Sept. 15; San Francisco, Sept. 16; Los Angeles, Sept. 17; Seattle, Oct. 6; Portland, Oct. 8; Newark, Oct. 22; Washington, Oct. 29 and Minneapolis, Nov. 12. Contact: Kati Venturato (203) 655-5877.

Department of Transportation. July 16. Washington. Research and Special Programs Administration holds public meetings to offer briefing on outcome of the U.N. Subcommittee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, held in Geneva, and to prepare for the 20th session of the Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, scheduled for Dec. 7-18 in Geneva. Contact: Frist Wybenga, (202) 366-0656.

Defense Distribution Industry Day. July 16. Fort Belvoir, Va. Defense Logistics Agency is seeking proposals for the operation of three distribution facilities. Meeting at headquarters will provide information on these opportunities as well as solicit industry input to the procurement process. Contact: Deborah Raita (614) 692-4115, or e-mail Deborah_Raita(AT)