Marine Transport of Hazardous Goods. March 4-5. Washington. U.S. Department of Transportation's chemical advisory committee discusses issues relating to marine transport of hazardous materials in bulk. Contact: Cmdr. Kevin S. Cook (202) 267-1217 or fax (202) 267-4570.Transporte International '98. March 4-6. San Antonio. Kingsley Group and Canac sponsor eighth annual conference on the Americas. Contact: (210) 545-0103.

American Association of Port Authorities. March 4-6. Savannah, Ga. Port legal-issues program for port managers and legal counsel. Contact: Elana Foster, (703) 706-4717.

VISA and MSP. March 5. Washington. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association (Kings Point Club) hosts discussion of current status and plans for the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement and the Maritime Security Program at its monthly luncheon. James E. Caponiti, associate administrator for national security at the Maritime Administration, will speak. Contact: Tom Harrelson, (202) 366-5515.Transportation Research Forum. March 5. New York. Walter A. Kristligas, E-Z Pass program director at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, is speaker at this month's New York chapter meeting. Contact: Paul Gessner, (212) 435-4086.

Export Documentation and Letters of Credit Seminars. March 5-6, Nashville; March 17-18, San Jose, Calif.; March 19-20, Dallas; March 24-25, Boston. Workshops offered by Global Training Center. Contact: Jennie (800) 860-5030 or fax (937) 454-5099.

National Grain and Feed Association. March 8-10. Orlando, Fla. 102nd annual convention. Contact: (202) 289-0873. National Association of Maritime Organizations. March 9-10. Washington. Spring meeting. Contact: (757) 622-2639. Westconn International Trade Association. March 10. Darien, Conn. Raymond R. Miles, president of CP Ships, is guest speaker. Contact: Vinny Calandra, (203) 791-8800, or fax (203) 743-6618. World Trade Association of New Jersey. March 11. West Orange, N.J. John Kilby of Deloitte & Touche LLP discusses European monetary union and European currency at monthly luncheon. Contact: (973) 258-9151 or fax (973) 258-9158.

International Maritime Exhibition Japan '98. March 11-13. Yokohama, Japan. Contact: Michael Kazakoff, (609) 452-9414, or fax: (609) 452-9374.

New England Railroad Club. March 12. Boston. Pete Carpenter, president, CSX Transportation, is guest speaker. Contact: Dennis Coffey, (617) 973-7027.

National Export Traffic League. March 12. New York. Annual St. Patrick's Day party. Contact: Cynthia Altreche, (212) 837-7063.

National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America. March 15-19. San Antonio. Annual conference and exhibit. Contact: (202) 466-0222 or fax: (202) 466-0226.

Baltic and International Maritime Council. March 16-18. Copenhagen. Course on new bulk carrier regulations. Contact: +45 44 44 45 00 or fax: +45 44 44 44 50 or e-mail: mailbox(AT)

International Trade Club of Southern California. March 17. San Pedro, Calif. ''Maritime Regulation: What are the Congress and FMC up to?'' Speaker: David Street of Gallant, Kharasch & Garfinkle, general counsel to the International Association of NVOCCs. Contact: (562) 438-2355.

National Transportation Safety Board. March 18. Springfield, Va. Public hearing at 9 a.m. on safety oversight of Union Pacific Railroad. Contact: James P. Dunn, NTSM office of Railroad Safety, (202) 314-6430; or Shelly Hazle, NTSB office of Public Affairs, (202) 314-6100. 4th Annual ECR Conference. March 18-20. Atlanta. Confab on efficient consumer response. Contact: (800) 611-2720, ext. 806.

Maritime Industry Museum. March 21. SUNY Maritime College, Fort Schuyler, N.Y. Annual meeting and fund-raiser. Contact: Allen Lonschein, (718) 409-7218.

American Association of Port Authorities. March 23-24. Washington. Spring conference. Contact: Elana Foster, (703) 706-4717.

Shipping '98. March 23-25. Stamford, Conn. Connecticut Maritime Association conference and exhibition. Contact: (203) 406-0109.

12th Annual Speednews Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference. March 24-25. Los Angeles. Contact: (310) 203-9603, or fax (310) 203-9352.

Pacific Transportation Association. March 25. San Francisco. Ports and terminals luncheon. Guest speaker, Brian McWilliams, president, International Longshore & Warehouse Union. Contact: Jill Simpson, (415) 274-0517.