* PHOTO LABS. We are seeking secondhand Fuji, Kodak and other commercial mini-photo, self contained processing labs to be placed in stores. Contact: Alexander Zyrianov, Canada. E-mail: einsof(AT)

* VEGETABLE MARGARINE. Seeking to purchase one 20-foot container of vegetable margarine. Destination: Qatar. Payment: Letter of credit. Contact: Kamal Khosroshahi, Canada. E-mail: kamal(AT)

* PROPYLENE GLYCOL. We are looking for two full container loads shipped monthly of PGI & PGUSP/BP/JP grades of propylene glycol. Packaging need to be in 210 kg or 215 kg new drums. We welcome offers on both f.o.b. & c.i.f. Sydney/Melbourne basis. Certificates of analysis & specifications are required for approval by our company prior to placing orders. Contact: John Faulder, Australia. Fax: +61 2-9585-143. E-mail: cappcom(AT)

* USED SNAP BUTTON MAKING PLANT. We are interested in purchasing a whole plant for snap button manufacturing to be used for export-oriented garment products. Contact: Zainal Abedin, Bangladesh. Fax: +88 31-710-76. E-mail: united(AT)

* COTTON FIBER MEASURING DEVISE. Seeking a device by which we can measure the length of cotton fiber from two to 20 mm. The finished cotton is used for NC production applied for paint manufacturing. Contact: Qin Yunli, China. Fax: +86 22 2334034. E-mail: tjsanma(AT)

* PVC RESIN. Seeking an offer for 1,000 metric tons of PVC resin in 25kg bags, shipped in 20-foot or 40-foor containers. Price should be C&F Karachi with 60 or 90 days credit from bill of lading date. Shipment should be within 30 days from letter of credit. Contact: Mohammad Khurrum, Pakistan. Phone/Fax: +92 21 2416365. E-mail: multiservices(AT)

* COBALT SCRAP, RESIDE, GRINDINGS, SOLIDS. We are looking for reliable sources for the above materials for the Chinese market. Contact: Zhang Zhan Bo, China. Fax: +86 311-705 43 19. E-mail: metals(AT)

* KRAFT PAPER. Seeking to obtain the names of suppliers of kraft paper, 90 gm. Quantity required is 14,000 metric tons. Please e-mail for more information. Only serious suppliers able to supply this amount need apply. Contact: Ms. Dia Daljit, Emerald International, Canada. Fax: (905) 469-0389. E-mail: diad(AT)

* LOOMSTAT (WOVEN) COTTON. Seeking 15 containers per month for one year. The specification is: 60 x 60 20/20 65 inch loomstat (woven) cotton. The price is FOB origin, C&F Wales. A supplier from Mexico would be ideal. Contact: Ms. Dia Daljit Emerald International, Canada. Fax: (905) 469-0389. E-mail: diad(AT)

* BRAND-NAME SUN GLASSES. We require immediate soucing of fashion and brand name sun glasses. If you have a current stock for immediate sale plese contact us. we require from 1,000 to 4,000 for immediate shipping. Please contact us with quantity, price, picture or description of product. Contact: Mr. Jong-Hoon Lee, Emmelle Trading Co., 936-12 BangbaeDong, SeochoKu, Seoul, 137-060, Korea. Phone: +82 2 597 2100. Fax: +82 2 597 1057. E-mail: leejohnh(AT)


* BENZOTRIAZOLE 99 percent: We are looking for buyers of 1,2,3-Benzotriazole, 99 percent min. We can supply 20-30 metric tons per month of this product at competitive prices. Contact: Yu Jianwei, China. Fax: +86 756-3333547. E-mail: woo(AT)

* AMERICAN INDIAN JEWELRY. We represent craftsmen from the Southwest USA - Navajo, Pueblo, Zuni and others, who produce genuine hand-crafted jewelry. These are original in design, and represent a true American artform. Contact: Denko International Group, P.O. Box 144769, Coral Gables, Fla., 33114, USA. Phone: (305) 567-9145. Fax: (305) 567-9146. E-mail: DenkoGroup(AT); Web page: http://www.denko.

* T-SHIRTS. 100 percent cotton basic white T-shirts, 145 gram/sq-m, Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Minimum order: one container (6,000 Dz). First quality made in Pakistan. Contact: Saddia Rana, Business Resources, 615 N. Kenwood St., Suite 1, Glendale, Calif., 91206, USA. Phone: (818) 955-5327. Fax: (818) 549-0474. E-mail: BzResource(AT); Web page:


* DRY CORRECTION TAPES. Looking for established distributors of stationery products. We offer 6mm x 8m correction tapes at US$0.40 per pc for a minimum order of 10,000 pieces. For orders above 30,000 pcs, we offer US$0.38 per pc. Contact: B.E. Soh, Shanghai Win Year Trading Co., Ltd., Pudong, Weishan 1 Cun, Rm 41-104, Shanghai, 200127, China. Phone: +86 21-58813640. Fax: +86 21-58814942. E-mail: winyear(AT)

* GLASS: Float and sheet glass available in various specifications. Various sand blast glass, pattern glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, artistic glass (including engraving & color painting glass), aluminium alloy glass, bullet-proof glass. Contact: Zhou Qiang, Ningbo Jianghua Group, 369 West Section, North Huancheng Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315020, China. Phone: +86 574 7351668 3206. Fax: +86 574 7355825. E-mail: jianghua; Web Page:


* ALTERNATING AND DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS. Offering alternating and direct current motors in different specifications, such as high-class toy motors, permanent magnet DC motors, reduction DC motors, steady DC motors, permanent magnet synchronic motors and AC motors. These products are widely used in VCD, cold air fans and hot air blowers, massage apparatus, electric toys, recorders, car cleaners, instruments and meters, automatic voltage stabilizers, moving advertisement apparatuses, automata, stage spinning lights, microwave ovens and electric baby cars. Contact: Zhou Qiang, Yuyao Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., Qiaoxi Development Zone, Lubu Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315420, China. Phone: +86-574-2380354, Fax: +86 574-2380202. E-mail: yyjl; Web Page:

* LIGHTERS AND IGNITERS: The company is the world's biggest manufacturer of electronic igniters and lighters. The main products are stated as follows: Pulse electronic ignition guns; piezo-electricity sparkthrower guns; piezo-electronic extruding ignition; piezo-electronic ignition gun (once spark ignition), metal flint ignition. Contact: Zhou Qiang, Ningbo Feixiang Group, Industrial Development Zone, Changhe Town, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315326, China. Phone: +86 574-3402497, 3402585, 3402118. Fax: +86 574-3402271. E-mail: feixiang; Web page:

* HIGH FREQUENCY MOBILE X-RAY UNIT. The unit can be used for radiography for critical or immovable patients in emergency wards, isolated ward and operating rooms. Also it can be used for general X-ray examination of head, arms, legs and abdomen. Features microprocessor control, easy operation and maintenance, high frequency conversion technology, quality image, Contact: Jany Zhu, Shenzhen Imfolink Company, 827 Building, Road Baoanbei., Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518001, China, Phone: +86 0755-2401426. Fax: +86 0755-2401982, E-mail: zhuge(AT)