* WELDING ELECTRODES. Please offer cost and freight Karachi per metric ton. Welding electrodes of 8, 10, 12 and 14 ft. Give complete composition, packing and delivery terms. Contact: Mohsanat Corp., Pakistan. Fax: +92 42 654341. E-mail: meraj(AT)

* PACKAGING MATERIAL. For packing of biscuit boxes, textiles and other things. Contact: Shan Elahi, Pakistan. Phone: +92 42 583846. E-mail: mishal(AT)

* PTFE TAPE. Contact: Shan Elahi, Pakistan. Phone: +92 42 5838461. E-mail: mishal(AT)

* PVC. Cable grade. Contact: Shan Elahi, Pakistan. Phone: +92 42 5838461. E-mail: mishal(AT)

* ACRYLIC TOW BALER. Material to be compressed: Two acrylic tow, 1 million denier each. Bulk density: 80 kg./meter, cube measured, fed into container without tramping. Tow speed: 80 to 200 meters per minute. Tow width: 150 mm max. Production: 50 tons per day (24 hr. operation). Bale weight: 350-to-400 kg. Contact: Nabyendu Mullick, India. Fax: +91 33 247190. E-mail: nabyendu(AT)

* STEEL TRAY FOR WHEEL BARROW. From China. Need capacity of 7 cubic ft. Quantity is based on 20 ft. monthly container. Contact: Kim Hyung Kyung, Korea. E-mail: amcheon(AT)

* TAQUIMETICAL HYDROMETERS. Large quantities, for cold water (water counters). Contact: J.M. De Coene, Brazil. Fax: +55 71 379 92 3. E-mail: protecd(AT)


* COMPUTER RAM MEMORY. Computer SIMMs/DIMMs ready to ship. 64 meg, 32 meg, 16 meg, 8 meg, 4 meg, 1 meg. Many variations - True Parity, EDO, Eprom. Quantity orders only. Contact: Jim Dicenzo, Achievor International Corp., 351 S. Cypress Rd., Suite 400, Pompano Beach, Fla., 33060, U.S.A. Phone: (954) 283-1100, ext. 259. Fax: (954) 283-1933. E-mail: achievor(AT); Web page:

* MOTOR OILS. Castrol, Chevron, Peak motor oils. Cases of 12 one-quart plastic bottles. 20W50, 10W30, 10W40, etc. Product in stock for immediate delivery. F.o.b. Port of Seattle. Contact: Daniel Spinelli, Marco Pacific Corp., P.O. Box 40283, Bellevue, Wash., 98015-4283, U.S.A. Phone: (206) 718-6785. Fax: (425) 868-1418. E-mail: dans(AT)

* MANUFACTURER CLOSE-OUTS. Available in every category, from clothing to electronics. Contact: LCSM Enterprise, 2428 B. West Alhambra Rd., Alhambra, Calif. 91802, U.S.A. Phone: (213) 257-9219. Fax: (213) 257-2170. E-mail: sab(AT)

* SURPLUS PRODUCTS FROM AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY. Large quantities of aircraft surplus products from major aircraft manufacturers. These are used products in excellent shape. They include tools, air tools, aircraft quality precision drill bits, wrenches, safety equipment, goggles, gloves, aircraft wire, materials, warehouse equipment, fittings, connectors, reamers and mills. All priced at a fraction of the cost. Contact: Daniel Spinelli, Marco Pacific Corp., P.O. Box 40283, Bellevue, Wash., 98015-4283, U.S.A. Phone: (206) 718-6785. Fax: (425) 868-1418. E-mail: dans(AT)

* HOME CHOLESTEROL TEST KITS. Visual blood cholesterol test kits in different formats: 1. dipstick. 2: card. 3 platform. Contact: Hamed Tadyon, Atlas Link Inc., 12891 Unit C Grays Point St., Fairfax, Va., 22033, U.S.A. Phone: (703) 263-1746. Fax: (703) 378-0626. E-mail: atlas96(AT)

* CPUS, MEMORY, HARD DRIVES, NETWORKING. Please check our daily updated prices at Contact: Dusan Krausko, IK Cabling Import Export, Industriegasse I/4, Hornstein, 7053, Austria. Phone: +43 2689 2777, +43 664 3386212, +43 2689 3197. Fax: +43 2689 3197, +43 2689 2777. E-mail: ik-cabling(AT); Web page:

* PIGMENT. Garage sale prices. 165 pounds Lithopone 30 percent ZnS min (AT) 32 cents; 220 pounds Lithopone 60, 60 percent zinc sulfide min (AT) 59 cents; 6,500 pounds zinc sulfide (AT) 69 cents; 1,100 pounds zinc sulfide (AT) 79 cents; 771 pounds zinc sulfide Fluorescer (AT) $2.25; 165 pounds pigment yellow, 12 (AT) $2.50; 55 pounds zinc sulfide Fluorescer - super grade (AT) $2.89. A 20 percent additional discount for entire inventory. Contact: Lilian Wang, Sino-American Pigment System, 1936 University Ave. #330, Berkeley, Calif., 94704, U.S.A. Phone: (510) 848-8890. Fax: (510) 848-8889. E-mail: lilianwang(AT)

* SILENT PIANO ''GENIO''. An ultra-modern piano soundproofing product. Easily installed in your normal piano. At normal times use original piano and when you need soundproof condition (at night, for instance), convert Genio switch to silent mode. You can hear piano sound by headphone or speaker. Also, you can enjoy 128 various musical instrument sound of midi player with Genio just like digital piano and synthesizer. A set consists of Genio, highly efficient headphone and AC adapter. Contact: Taewoo Koo, NetKorea International Co., Seodaemungu Changchundong 41-14 5B/D, Seoul, 120-180, Korea. Fax: +82 2 3147 0131. E-mail: NETKOREA(AT)HOTMAIL.COM.