* STEROLS/GROWTH PROMOTANTS. We are seeking a reliable, competitive supply of the above mentioned items. Contact: Bryan Sait, Nutri-Tech Solutions. P.O. Box 238, Eumundi, Queensland, 4562, Australia. Phone: +61 754 491837. Fax: +61 754 710580. E-mail: nutri(AT); Web Page: http:///


* COMPUTERS. If you are a manufacturer of low-cost technically perfect computers that can be affordable to a large spectrum of the population in Third World African countries, we will like to hear from you. Contact: Boma Donatus, Cameroon. Fax +237 39 11 92. E-mail: donatus.boma(AT)

* FRUIT FOR YOGURT, ALFALFA CUBES. Seeking fresh fruits used to manufacture fruit yogurts, and alfalfa cubes for cattle feed. Contact: Faisal Al-Harazi, United Arab Emirates. Fax: +97 1427573. E-mail: zamermer(AT)

* FROZEN TURBOT FISH. Seeking frozen turbot (Rhombus Maximus) fish, especially from Romania and Ukraine. State your offers as f.o.b. Istanbul or Black Sea ports. Contact: Oktay Ersahin, Turkey. Fax :+90 216 418 78 1. E-mail: ultratek(AT)

* TABLES FOR SOFA SETS, CHAIRS. If you are producing rustic furniture or sofa tables, please contact us or send catalog with prices. Contact: Alvin Hsu, Taiwan. Fax: +886 4 523 054. E-mail: m5235527(AT)

* CERAMIC PRODUCTS. Seeking exporters or manufacturers from India for ceramic sanitary ware, white and colored. Contact: Mohamed Fazal, Sri Lanka. Fax: +94 75336-3388-1. E-mail: fazaltc(AT)

* SPIRIT FOR PRODUCING COGNAC. Seeking proposals to provide spirits for cognac. Contact: Boris Brik, Ukraine. Fax:+38 044-559-052. E-mail: senya(AT)

* STAINLESS STEEL WELDED PIPE. Seeking stainless steel welded pipe. Internal size: 14.00 mm; external size: 14.80 mm. Contact for quantity. Contact: Jin-Hwan Kim, Spain.

Fax:+34 3-436-435. E-mail: jin(AT)

* PVC SCRAP. We are interested in purchasing PVC scrap in the form of pipes or pipe cuttings. We can also accept pipes in deformed or discarded form. Contact: Qureshi S.M, Pakistan. Fax: +92 21-4549-11. E-mail: qureshi(AT)khi.fascom com.

* PARTICLE BOARD MANUFACTURING MACHINES. Seeking immediately the following used machines: Particle board press with loading and unloading; sanding machine for particle board industry; clipper flaker or secondhand particle board plant. Contact: Mansour Hussain, Pakistan. Fax: +92 51

25248. E-mail: mansour(AT)

* SOCKS. Seeking supplier of 200,000 to 350,000 socks a year. Scandinavian group of companies are looking for a new supplier of high quality, low priced socks for men and women. Blend: 85 percent-95 percent cotton, 15 percent-5 percent nylon or acrylic. Require a reliable manufacturer for a long time who can cooperate to develop a new product line. Contact: Helge Steensen, Steensen, Hvalstadvn. 30, Hvalstad, 1364, Norway. Phone: +47 66846913. Fax: +47 66980942. E-mail: hsteense(AT)

* NOVELTY PRODUCTS. We are in the business of introducing foreign products, novelty design, high-technology and capital funds into the Chinese market. If you think your products have superior technical content, novelty features and market potential, please feel free to contact us. We can serve as agents or can directly import or manufacture locally. Contact: Sunny Song, Xiamen Yuxiang International Trade Co. Ltd., F1, 7th floor, Xiangyu Building, Xiamen, Fujian, 361006, China. Phone: +86 592-5626843. Fax: +86 592-2029652. E-mail:yuxiang(AT); Web Page:


* ALUMINUM OXIDE. High purity laser class alpha and gamma aluminum oxide, not less than 99.999 percent purity. Contact: Huang Hushan, HIC, 457#, Xuehua St., Nangang District, Harbin, HLJ Province, 150001, China. Phone: +86 451-2537614. Fax: +86 451-2522544. E-mail: stone(AT)

* STEEL MEASURING TAPE. We are a large state-owned company, which can supply steel measuring tape, in lengths of 1 meter to 10 meters, width of 4 mm to 25 mm. We also are interested in developing new designs and are looking for cooperative partners. Also can manufacture hair dryers. Contact: Yu Zhang You, China Ningbo Cixi Import & Export Corp., No. 269 Sishan Rd., Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315300, China. Phone: +86 574-3891000-1234. Fax: +86 574-3812510. E-mail: cie(AT)

* CANNED PINEAPPLE SLICES. Canned pineapple slices, 24 x 30 oz. Standard 14-16 slices in light syrup, 5-10 full container loads, April/May shipment. Price: $16.00 a case - f.o.b. Bangkok. Contact via fax for more details Contact: Martin A. Bennett, MAB Associates, 3520 Tryon Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10467. Phone: (718) 655-2230. Fax: (718) 655-2519. E-mail: kkgq45a(AT); Web Page:

* FROZEN FISH. Frozen salmon from Norway; Pacific Cod. Contact: Martin A. Bennett, MAB Associates, 3520 Tryon Ave, Bronx, N.Y. 10467. Phone: (718) 655-2230. Fax: (718) 655-2519. E-mail: kkgq45a(AT) Web Page:

* L'OREAL COSMETICS. We have 30,534 pieces of all kinds of L'Oreal cosmetics at low prices. Contact: Justin Cho, June Trading and Shipping Inc., 409 Sette Drive, Paramus, N.J. 07652. Phone: (201) 634-8600. Fax: (201) 634-8601; E-mail: etl1(AT)

* GILLETTE AND RIGHT GUARD DEODORANTS. Offering brand name Gillette Series and Right Guard 1.9 oz. deodorant sticks, both U.S. and Canadian product at the following close-out prices: USD $1.35 each, $16.20 per case. Gillette has three kinds: Cool Wave, Wild Rain, Pacific Light. Right Guard has three kinds: Active, Cool, Fresh. Contact: Mark V. Potapov, MVP Trading Co. Inc., 1090 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20005. Phone: (202) 408-6892. Fax: (202) 408-1338. E-mail: mvpt(AT)