The following business missions are scheduled. The Journal of Commerce assumes no responsibility for companies or individuals whose names it furnishes. Interested parties are asked to reconfirm scheduled dates. Trade Missions appears every Tuesday.

TO THE UNITED STATES/CANADASAUDI ARABIA. Feb. 1-15 New Brunswick, N.J. The U.S. Department of Commerce is sponsoring the February 1992 visit of a Saudi medical trade mission. The delegation of 30 companies will focus on medical and health care equipment and will meet with U.S. companies in the medical field. The companies are interested both in supplies and in joint venture partners for manufacturing and production. Contact Mark Woodbridge, U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce. (202) 331-8010.


ISRAEL. Through Jan. 29. Jerusalem, Tiberias and Tel Aviv. Sponsored by the National Association of Women Business Owners. Contact Kathleen Diamond, Language Learning Enterprises, World Center Building, 918 16th St. N.W., Suite 803, Washington, D.C. 20006.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Feb. 16-20. Dubai. Glahe International Inc. will lead U.S. companies participating in the second Made in the U.S.A. trade show. The companies will meet potential business partners in this largely unfamiliar market. Contact Peter J. McKenna, project manager, Glahe International Inc. (202) 659-4557. Fax: (202) 457-0776.

SPAIN. Feb. 24-28. Madrid and Barcelona. The U.S. Small Business Administration and the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce are co-sponsoring a "matchmaker" trade mission for new-to-export or new-to-market American companies in the process controls, analytical and scientific instruments industries. The matchmaker program is designed to help American companies through a combination of briefings and one-on-one meetings with potential agents, distributors, joint and licensee partners. Contact George Ferran, New York SBA office. (212) 264-3439.

EUROPE, SCANDINAVIA, ESTONIA AND RUSSIA. March 7-10. Helsinki, Finland. March 11-12. Tallinn, Estonia. March 12-14. St. Petersburg, Russia. March 15-17. Prague, Czechoslovakia. March 17-19. Vienna, Austria. March 19-21. Budapest, Hungary. The St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. will lead a trade mission of U.S. and Canadian Great Lakes/Seaway maritime trade representatives to promote international trade by way of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System. One-on-one meetings with local business people and government officials are arranged for the mission. Contact Stephen J. Rybicki, director of marketing, St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. (202) 366-0119. Fax: (202) 366-7147.

MICRONESIA. March 8-15. Various islands. The U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation will be leading a multi-island mission to the Pacific Islands region. OPIC will maximize mission participants' exposure to investment opportunities in that region by including several specific stops with a variety of developed and potential business sectors. Contact Peter McKenzie. (202) 457-7118.

POLAND, ROMANIA AND BULGARIA. March 10-21. Various cities. The U.S. Department of Commerce is organizing the Environmental Technologies Trade and Investment mission, which covers such areas as air, water and oil pollution abatement; wastewater and hazardous waste treatment; energy recovery and monitoring/measuring technologies. Consulting firms, other services and material technology sellers all can benefit from this mission. Contact Frederica Wheeler, International Trade Administration. (202) 377-3509. Fax: (202) 377-5665.

MALAYSIA. April 5-11. Various cities. The World Trade Club of New York is sponsoring this trade mission to meet with local and regional business people in the fields of petrochemicals, rubber and tin, palm oil products, food processing, wood-based products, electronics, industrial machinery, textiles, iron and steel products, ceramic tiles and marble. These fields have been targeted for rapid development and tax incentives by the Malaysian government. Contact Michele Forzley. (212) 943-0270. Fax: (212) 742-8265.

SPAIN AND ITALY. April 6-10. Barcelona and Rome. The U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration is sponsoring this western regional trade mission for such industries as pollution control and environmental equipment and technology, medical, laboratory and scientific equipment. Contact Mitch Larsen. (415) 705-2285. Fax: (415) 705-2299.

MEXICO. April 7-9. Mexico City. The International Business Division of the State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs is providing services for trade mission of Illinois manufacturers to meet their Mexican counterparts at the FERRETERIA '92 hardware, tools and accessories show. Contact Brett Flickinger. (312) 814-5710. Fax: (312) 814-6581.