The following business missions are scheduled to arrive in the United States. The Journal of Commerce assumes no responsibility for companies or individuals whose name it furnishes. Interested parties are asked to reconfirm scheduled dates.

TO THE UNITED STATESCHINA. Electronics delegation led by Vice Minister Xie Gao Jue, Ministry of Electronics Industry. Sponsored by the American Electronics Association. Through April 14.

Washington, D.C.: through April 12; New York City: April 13-14.

Contact the American Electronics Association in Palo Alto, Calif. (408) 987-4200.

PHILIPPINES. Philippine-U.S. Investment Promotion Mission. Sponsored by the U.S.-ASEAN Center for Technology Exchange Inc., R.P.-U.S. Business Council, the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce. Through April 22.

Through April 12: New York City; April 14-15: St. Louis; April 18-19: Dallas; April 21-22: San Jose, Calif.

Contact U.S.-ASEAN Center for Technology Exchange Inc., 1155 Fifteenth St. NW, Suite 302, Washington, D.C. 20005. (202) 955-8460/(202) 955-8461. Telex: 897102 RMH.

ITALY. Trade mission to New York City and Long Island to buy electronic components, telecommunications products, specialty chemicals and others. Through April 14. Sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, and the Nassau and Suffolk Counties Department of Commerce & Industry.

Through April 13: New York City. April 14: Long Island.

Contact Karen Jacobs, Barbara James or Arthur Negri for New York City at (212) 466-8305/466-4107. Fred Bender for Long Island at (516) 360-3800.

NEW ZEALAND. Senior Executives Food Industry Mission. Twenty-six-member delegation to meet with leading U.S. companies and institutions involved with

innovative technology in the food processing and packaging equipment industries. May 28-June 18.

May 28-June 1: San Francisco; June 2: Minneapolis; June 3-4: Chicago; June 4-9: Boston; June 9-14: New York; June 14-15: Washington, D.C.; June 16-18: Dallas.

Contact William D. Spitler, U.S. Department of Commerce. (212) 264-0603.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Medical Equipment Buying Mission. Tentatively scheduled for June 1-15.

June 1-2: Trenton, N.J.; June 3-7: Boston; June 8-11: Minneapolis; June 12-15: Los Angeles.

Contact William D. Spitler, U.S. Department of Commerce. (212) 264-0603.


TURKEY. The Commerce Department and the Overseas Private Investment Corp. invite U.S. investors and service companies to participate in a tourism and investment and service industries mission to Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul April 17-26.

Contact Richard Sousane, Manager for Tourism Programs, Office of Service Industries, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 1120, Washington, D.C. 20230, (202) 377-4581, or Lynn Ksanznak, Investment Missions Officer, Overseas Private Investment Corp., 1615 M St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20527. (202) 457-7120.

BRAZIL & ARGENTINA. Commercial Fishing Gear and Vessel Marketing Trade Mission. April 25-29. Sponsored by Shoreline Marketing Trade Missions.

April 25-26: Sao Paolo, Brazil; April 27-29: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Contact Kenneth Proudfoot, Shoreline Marketing Trade Missions, P.O. Box 50, Wakefield, R.I. 02880. (401) 783-3730.

SPAIN. Machine Tools Trade Mission. May or June. All expenses paid by the sponsors, which includes the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Machine Tool Builders. This trade mission is open only to members of the American Tool Distributors' Association.

Contact Ralph Nappi, AMTDA. (301) 654-1200.

SCANDINAVIA. U.S. Exporters Trade Mission. May 28-June 10. Sponsored by New York Board of Trade, New York Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the Scandinavian Airline Systems.

May 28-31: Oslo, Norway; May 31-June 4: Stockholm, Sweden; June 4-7: Helsinki, Finland; June 7-10: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Contact John Saunders, New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (212) 561-2015.

PUERTO RICO & ST. THOMAS. Seafood and Fishing Gear Trade Mission. May 30- June 3. Sponsored by the Rhode Island and Massachussetts Seafood Marketing Group and Shoreline Marketing Trade Missions.

May 30-June 1: Puerto Rico (San Juan and the ports of Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez); June 2-3: St. Thomas.

Contact Kenneth Proudfoot, Shoreline Marketing Trade Missions, P.O. Box 50, Wakefield, R.I. 02880. (401) 783-3730.

CHINA. Telecommunications Executive-Level Seminar Mission. June 10-24. The mission is part of an industrial and technological cooperation agreement between the United States and China to introduce U.S. companies to business opportunities in China. Sponsored by the Office of Telecommunication s, U.S. Commerce Department.

June 10-16: Beijing; June 17-20: Wuhan; June 21-24: Guangzhou.

Contact Richard Paddock, U.S. Commerce Department. (202) 377-4466.

JAPAN. A Commerce Department-sponsored mission of U.S. suppliers of health care services to visit Tokyo and Osaka, July 10-20.

Contact Simon Francis, Office of Service Industries, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room H-1110, Washington, D.C. 20230. (202) 377-4775.