Exporters/suppliers or importers/buyers are sought for the following items. Interested parties are asked to contact these companies directly. The Journal of Commerce assumes no responsibility for companies or individuals whose name it furnishes. Trade Leads appears every Tuesday and Friday. To have trade leads posted, contact The Journal of Commerce, World Trade Department, (212) 837-7000; fax: (212) 837-7007.

COMPUTER PRODUCTSMemory chips. Seeking exporters/suppliers is Stan Aronowitz Co., 24486 Stonechat Ct., Valencia, Calif., 91355. Telephone: (805) 645-5441. Fax: (805) 254-1404.

Microsoft mice. Seeking importers/buyers is a U.S. company, c/o World Trade Center Network, Ref. No. 034626. Fax: (805) 683-5791.

Computer workstations. Seeking importers/buyers is the Lord Group of Companies, 5, Jalan 222, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Telephone: 603-7558233. Fax: 603-7572751.

Computer equipment and parts. Seeking importers/buyers is Salora Oy, Laivurink. 1, P.O. Box 81, FIN-20811, Turku, Finland. Telephone: 358-24-618522. Fax: 358-24-618506.

Computer application software. Seeking importers/buyers is Best S.A., Merced 152 Piso 5, Santiago, Chile. Telephone: 56-2-639-3224. Fax: 56-2-639-8406.