Exporters or importers are sought for the following items. Interested parties are asked to contact these companies directly. The Journal of Commerce assumes no responsibility for companies or individuals whose name it furnishes. Trade Leads appears every Tuesday and Friday. To have trade leads posted, contact The Journal of Commerce, World Trade Department, (212) 837-7000; fax: (212) 837-7130.


Brazilian sugar. Seeking importers is Mercado Comercial e Representacoes Ltda., Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 795, Jardim America, CEP 01441-000 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Telephone: 55-11-280-0599. Fax: 55-11-852-9533.

Icing sugar. Seeking importers is West Indies Yeast Co., 38 Jobs Lane, P.O. Box 82, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Telephone: (809) 984-2677. Fax: (809) 984-3075.

Brazilian sugar. Seeking importers is Usina Costa Pinto SA Acucar E Alcool, Bairro Costa Pinto S/N, CEP 13411-900 Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Telephone: 55-194-22-1515. Fax: 55-194-25-1202.

Sugar cane. Seeking importers is Jamaica Packers (T/A Charles Rhoden), Boatyear, P.O. Box 30, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica, W.I. Telephone: (809) 992-2773.

Sugar. Seeking importers is Agricola San Fernando SA, Eduardo Saravia, 12 Calle 1-25, Zona 10, Edificio Geminis 10, Torre Norte Nivel 15, Guatemala 1010, Guatemala. Telephone: 502-2-353631.