11 Aug 2017
Announcements this week from West Coast ports revealed some unusually strong import numbers.
12 May 2017
The commercial and operational environment in the largest US trade lane is unsettled right now due to new service contracts taking effect on May 1.
05 May 2017
Eastbound Pacific spot rates dip slightly, waiting for back-to-school merchandise to begin moving this summer.
04 May 2017
The carrier says its China express service continues to attract premium rates.
02 May 2017
Bunker fuel costs are about $150 per container higher than last year at this time.
01 May 2017
BCOs fear that any teeth added to service contracts will come out of their pockets in other ways.
28 Apr 2017
Spot rates in the eastbound Pacific this week went up for the first time since mid-January.
24 Apr 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific basically flat last week.
21 Apr 2017
For the first time, Savannah has more weekly trans-Pacific alliance services than the Port of New York and New Jersey.
17 Apr 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific continue single-digit decline.
10 Apr 2017
Retailers project strong growth in consumer spending and therefore imports for at least the next six months.
07 Apr 2017
Marginal drop in spot rates shows cautious BCO approach during first week under the new carrier alliances.