Port of Long Beach.
22 Feb 2018
The 18th Annual TPM Conference marks the start of formal negotiations between many beneficial cargo owners and container lines on annual trans-Pacific service contracts. Price, as always, will drive those negotiations. However, as recent news demonstrates, price is not everything.
Port of Los Angeles.
12 Feb 2018
Beneficial cargo owners are enjoying some of the lowest pre-Lunar New Year spot rates of the past six years, but they should not necessarily expect that this will give them extra leverage in service contract negotiations beginning next month.
02 Feb 2018
The modest increases — two weeks before the Lunar New Year, when factories will close for a week or two — indicates that retailers are restocking their inventories and preparing for the spring shopping season at a measured pace.
30 Jan 2018
The sheer scale of China’s waste import business means exporters need to find alternative markets for their recyclable products.
26 Jan 2018
The small change in spot rates this week suggests carriers are satisfied with the current capacity/demand economics in the Pacific.
19 Jan 2018
Carrier consolidation and projections for continued growth in imports alert beneficial cargo owners to the growing possibility of rate restoration in 2018, but a former shipping executive said carrier discipline is crucial, if service contract rates are to exceed those of last year.
19 Jan 2018
Importers are shipping with a sense of urgency to bring their merchandise into the United States before factories in Asia close down for the Lunar New Year celebrations on Feb 16.
18 Jan 2018
With an expanding US economy boosting imports, and carrier consolidation providing leverage on the capacity side, industry experts are putting beneficial cargo owners on notice that the 2018 to 2019 service contracting season could be difficult.
17 Jan 2018
Expanding SM Line will add another China-US West Coast service to its growing portfolio as the carrier continues to grow its market share.
14 Jan 2018
ILA and USMX officials had hoped to agree on a contract extension that would reassure the hundreds of shippers who will attend the JOC’s annual Trans-Pacific Maritime (TPM) conference March 4-7 in Long Beach, California.
12 Jan 2018
Spot rates are rising into a late Lunar New Year, with a host of carrier rate increases scheduled for early February.
11 Jan 2018
In a recent interview, Soo Cheon Lee, co-founder and chief investment officer at investment bank SC Lowy, said SM Line would have to find partners on the trans-Pacific if it was to maintain its competitive edge.
05 Jan 2018
Solid spot rates this week position carriers for possible rate hikes as the Lunar New Year approaches.
05 Jan 2018
In the "forwarder battle" between carriers and NVOs, performance in one area may be critical to winning shippers as clients.
29 Dec 2017
Spot rates in the major east-west trades ended 2017 on a high note.
22 Dec 2017
Eastbound trans-Pacific spot rates are also down substantially from 2016, but there is a qualification. Those 2016 spot rates were boosted by the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy.
19 Dec 2017
SM Line is hoping to partner with its larger Korean rival HMM as the carrier plans to launch a new trans-Pacific service.
18 Dec 2017
The impact of mega-ships and consolidation will see the alliances needing to revise their network offerings in 2018, creating new uncertainty for shippers already concerned at potentially large numbers of canceled sailings.
15 Dec 2017
The pre-Lunar New Year push so far this year has been erratic.
13 Dec 2017
Trans-Pacific rate volatility is likely to continue through 2018, as carriers add capacity and the Transpacific Stabilization Agreement loses another member.
08 Dec 2017
Rates from China to the United States fell this week with ample capacity on the trade and demand starting to weaken.
01 Dec 2017
The coming month will tell whether carriers can keep capacity discipline beyond the surge ahead of Chinese factory closures.
28 Nov 2017
Independent container lines increased their combined market share as well as their total volume of imports in the third quarter.
24 Nov 2017
The post peak-season slump has continued for trans-Pacific spot rates, while Asia-Europe market prices flattened out this week.
17 Nov 2017
Spot rates from Asia to the West Coast this week fell at a clip nearly twice as fast as rates to the East Coast.
10 Nov 2017
Spot rates last week experienced what was probably their last hurrah of peak season 2017.
10 Nov 2017
East and Gulf Coast ports through October grew their import volumes at more than double the pace of West Coast ports.
06 Nov 2017
The willingness of container carriers to sell capacity to resellers who openly distribute rates to the market is fueling rate volatility.
06 Nov 2017
Analysts continue to highlight the lack of canceled sailings that will leave carriers facing increasingly severe overcapacity as new vessels sail into service and undermine their contract negotiating position.
03 Nov 2017
Rate increases across the east-west trades in early November could only give container transport prices an incremental bump upwards.
27 Oct 2017
Spot rates from Asia to the US East and West coasts increased for the first time in two months.
20 Oct 2017
With the peak-shipping season drawing to a close, spot rates on US imports from Asia basically flatlined.
13 Oct 2017
The post-Golden Week slow demand season and surplus capacity has pulled down rates across the east-west trades.
29 Sep 2017
Drop in spot rate this week indicates carriers' ability to raise rates this peak season is coming to an end.
22 Sep 2017
Deployment of extra-loader vessels contribute to slight drop in spot rates this week in eastbound Pacific
15 Sep 2017
Spot rates in eastbound trans-Pacific turn higher in harbinger of busy month ahead.