Three Carriers Upgrade Asia-South America Loop

Three Carriers Upgrade Asia-South America Loop

CSAV, CMA CGM and China Shipping, are upgrading the size and number of ships they operate under a vessel-sharing agreement between Asia, Mexico, Central America and the West Coast of South America. They are also dividing the single service into two loops.

The upgrade is one among upgrades by many carriers designed to meet the growing demand for cargo on the trade lane. CSAV, for example, had just last month upgraded its service between Asia and the East Coast of South America.

The three carriers have different names for the service. CSAV calls it the Andex Service, while CMA CGM calls it the ACSA service.

The 10 ships currently in the service will be replaced with 11 ships with capacities of 6,500 20-foot equivalent units of containers. The 10 ships in the service at present have capacities of 4,200 TEUs.

The larger ships will be phased into the service from the beginning of May

Because of market demand, the revamped service will be divided into two separate loops.

Loop 1 from Asia to Mexico, Peru and Chile will be operated with the 11 new 6,500-TEU vessels.

Loop 2 from Asia to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Ecuador will be operated with the 10 current 4,200-TEU vessels.

Loop 1 will cut transit times between Chile and Hong Kong by 7 days and Loop 2 will reduce the transit time between Mexico and Shanghai by 9 days.

The revised service will provide new westbound calls to Yokohama and Keelung to meet the growing demand for refrigerated goods from Mexico and South America to the Asian continent.

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