Tacoma names director of intermodal services

Tacoma names director of intermodal services

Robert L. Collins has been named director of intermodal services for the Port of Tacoma.

Collins will manage the port's intermodal operations planning, coordinating with Tacoma Rail, the local shortline railroad, as well as the two mainline railroads, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific. He is also responsible for working with shippers, marketing the port's intermodal business, and long-term planning.

"Rail is the key to our port's long-term growth," Collins said. "As we continue to see higher cargo volumes here in Tacoma, build new terminals and upgrade existing facilities, the ability to expand rail capacity will be essential to our success."

Collins previously managed the port's five-year capital program, encompassing more than 200 projects, with a total budget in excess of $591 million.

Before joining the port in 2000, Collins was contract compliance specialist for the Pierce County, Wa., Department of Community Services. Before that, he worked as vice president of operations for Bellevue, Wash.-based EQ International.