Grimaldi orders three more car carriers

Grimaldi orders three more car carriers

LONDON — Italian shipowner Grimaldi has ordered three new car carriers, with an option for a fourth vessel, just three weeks after signing a contract for five ships and an option for seven more, taking its total investment to $465 million and underscoring the revival in the global automotive industry.

China’s Jinling shipyard will build the three pure car/truck carriers, worth $165 million and with a capacity for 6,700 vehicles. Delivery is scheduled during 2017.

The vessels will be deployed in the Naples-based company’s Mediterranean-North America service, transporting Fiat-Chrysler cars to the U.S. and Canada.

The five ships, worth $300 million that were ordered in mid-June with China’s Yangfan yard, have a capacity for 7,800 vehicles and will also be deployed on the Med-North America route.

This year, Grimaldi is also scheduled to take delivery of two container/roll-on, roll-off ships, the last of a series of six vessels being built in South Korea, all for deployment in the group’s Europe-West Africa services.

The company’s Atlantic Container Line subsidiary will take delivery of five container ro-ro ships by 2016 for its North Europe-North America service.

With a capacity of 3,800 TEUs, 28,900 square meters of rolling freight and 1,307 cars, they are the largest vessels of their type in the world.

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