AR: American Tanker RateSchedule Revised

RS: American Tanker Rate Schedule

Bends: Both ends

FIO: Free in and out

FIOS: Free in and out stowed

FIOT: Free in and out trimmed

Shex: Sunday-holidays excluded

Shinc: Sunday-holidays included

WS: Worldscale


UNITY 1, PAN flag, built 1973, capesize, 68,000 deadweight cargo capacity on 37 ft. brackish, any grains, up River Plate and Brazil to Holland, Oct. 22-28, $1,335,000 lump sum, equates to $19.60, fio, 14 days, Cargill.

KARDAMYLA, GRC flag, built 1982, 50,000 tons 5 percent, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, U.S. Gulf to China, Oct. 13-23, $32.00, fio, 25 days Shinc.

TAMPA BAY, USA flag, built 1966, 15,295 dwt., part cargo, 2,800 metric tons min.-max. plus 1,200 metric tons min.-max., soybean oil in 6/4 cans and soybean meal in 20-liter pails, New Orleans and Lake Charles to Angola, Nov. 10-20, $151.98 per gross ton one port to one, plus $10.00 per gross tons each additional load/disport, 150 metric tons per hatch max. 750 tons vessel load, 100 metric tons per hatch per day max. 500 tons free discharge, PL 480 PA NO. AO 5005.

PAMPHILOS, CYP flag, built 1977, about 50,000 tons, seeds, Vancouver to Continent, Oct. 18-25, lump sum equivalent of $19.35 basis 53 ft. stowage, fio, 6,000 ton load, 10,000 tons discharge.

SERGO ZAKARIADZE, RUS flag, built 1984, 20,000 tons 5 percent, wheat, north France to west Italy, October, $17.50, fio, 5,000 tons load, 2,500 tons discharge.

NIKATOR, LBR flag, built 1994, 130,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 26, WS 87.5, Elf.

VITORIA, MLT flag, built 1977, 50,000 tons, dirty, El Palito to Puerto Rico, Oct. 8, $250,000 lump sum, Stinnes.

NISYROS, LBR flag, built 1992, 140,000 tons, dirty, east coast Mexico to United Kingdom Continent, Oct. 15, WS 52.5, Total.

TO BE NAMED, 30,000 tons 10 percent, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, Pacific Northwest to Indonesia, Oct. 24-30, $26.50, fio, 5,000 tons load, 4,000 tons discharge, rptd.

BELUGA, MLT flag, built 1977, 17,500 tons five (5) percent, completing to 24,500 tons three (3) percent, wheat, Duluth, Superior completing St. Lawrence to west Italy, October, $33.50 and $26.50 for top-off, fio, four (4) days load, 3,500 tons discharge, option Adriatic at $35.50 and $28.50 plus a dollar extra for second disport.

TO BE NAMED, 27,060-30,540 metric tons min.-max., heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, U.S. Gulf to Puerto Caldera three (3) consecutive voyages, Oct. 16-25, $17.50, fio, four (4) days load, 5,500 tons discharge, rptd.

TO BE NAMED, 20,000 tons 10 percent, barley, German North Sea to Spain, Oct. 7-12, $15.00, fio, 3,000 tons load, 4,000 tons discharge.

NEW HORIZON or sub MTA TONNAGE, CYP flag, built 1984, 54,000 tons, heavy

grains, soyas and sorghums, Pacific Northwest to Taiwan, Oct. 30-Nov. 10, $17.00, fio, 10,000 tons load, 4,000 tons discharge.

SOUTH KOREAN TONNAGE, 54,000 long tons 5 percent, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, Pacific Northwest to Japan, Oct. 20-30, $17.75 without combination ports, fio, 11 days Shex.


TO BE NAMED, 57,000 tons 10 percent, coal, U.S. Gulf to Taiwan, Nov. 12-25, $27.20, fio, 5 days Shinc, rptd.


MARSHAL ZHUKOV, RUS flag, built 1978, bulk-oiler, 110,000 tons 10 per cent, ore, Nouadhibou to Taranto Pier 2, Oct. 31-Nov. 6, $3.80, fio, three (3) days Shinc bends, Ilva, rptd.


TO BE NAMED, 32,000 tons, diammonium phosphate, Lazaro Cardenas to Ghent, October, $19.50, fio, 6,000 tons load, 5,000 tons discharge.


TAMMANY H., CYP flag, built 1982, 26,400 dwt., 12.5 knots on 29 tons fuel oil, delivery Continent, prompt, trip, redelivery Far East, $12,300 daily, LD- Seals.

SOARER BELLONA, PHL flag, built 1985, 43,509 metric dwt., delivery Singapore, prompt, trip via Australia, redelivery South Korea, $12,500 daily, Hanjin, rptd.

GREAT DOVE, PAN flag, built 1982, 67,670 dwt., 13 knots on 36.5 tons fuel oil plus 2.5 tons diesel oil, delivery Kaohsiung, prompt, trip via west Australia, redelivery China, $13,850 daily, Noble Chartering.

HALLA NEPTUNE, LBR flag, built 1994, 44,820 metric dwt., delivery Taiwan, prompt, two (2) laden legs via Australia, redelivery Singapore-Japan range, $13,500 daily, Broken Hill Pty.

SAMJOHN SPIRIT, relet, GRC flag, built 1994, 71,730 metric dwt., delivery Brazil, Oct. 15-25, trip via River Plate, redelivery Continent, $14,500 daily, plus $125,000 ballast bonus, Cargill, rptd.

CHIOS VENTURE, GRC flag, built 1977, 27,036 metric dwt., delivery U.S. Gulf, October, trip, redelivery Pakistan, $12,000 daily, plus $150,000 ballast bonus, Metalink.

OINOUSSIAN SKY, GRC flag, built 1987, 64,377 dwt., delivery U.S. Gulf, Oct. 15-25, trip, redelivery Malaysia, $19,000 daily, plus $296,250 ballast bonus, Andre.

NORTH DUCHESS, relet, GRC flag, built 1985, 63,785 metric dwt., delivery Fos, spot, trans-Atlantic round voyage, redelivery Skaw-Cape Passero, $13,000 daily, Marifran, rptd.

HANJIN TACOMA, PAN flag, built 1994, 70,457 metric dwt., 13 knots on 27 tons fuel oil, delivery Santos, Oct. 12-13, trip, redelivery Continent, $14,400 daily, plus $150,000, Continental Grain, rptd.

EQUATOR EXPLORER, PAN flag, built 1994, 69,149 metric dwt., delivery Shibushi, Oct. 16-24, Gladstone round voyage, redelivery Japan, $16,250 daily, Daiichi.

ROMO MAERSK, DIS flag, built 1986, tanker timecharter, 27,350 dwt., October, one (1) year's trading, $15,250 daily, Houston Shipping.

KLIA, EX-NIKITAS ROUSSOS, CYP flag, built 1976, 72,203 metric dwt., 13 knots on 38 tons fuel oil plus three (3) tons diesel oil, delivery arrival pilot station U.S. Gulf, Oct. 12-16, trip, redelivery dropping outbound pilot Egyptian Mediterranean, $12,000 daily, plus $175,000 ballast bonus, Egyptian Navigation of Cairo.

JOYOUS LAND, Klaveness relet, LBR flag, built 1994, 69,283 metric dwt., delivery Japan, October, 12 months trading, $15,000 daily, Showa.

CHUNGJIN, Halla Maritime relet, PAN flag, built 1993, 69,634 metric dwt., delivery Port Elizabeth, Oct. 15-30, trip, redelivery Japan, $16,000 daily, plus $300,000 ballast bonus, Navix Line.


ELBA, no details, 25,000 tons, dirty, Denmark to Italy, Oct. 13, WS 180, KPI.

WORLD PENDANT, PAN flag, built 1989, 245,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to Singapore, Oct. 25, WS 47.5, Shell International Eastern Trading Co.

SPIRIT, SGP flag, built 1979, 50,000 tons, dirty, fuel oil, Amuay Bay to Boston, Oct. 11, WS 155, Global.

ATHINA M., GRC flag, built 1995, 72,000 tons, dirty, Puerto La Cruz to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 19, WS 150, Marathon.

TRENT, no details, 28,500 tons, clean, Continent to U.S. Atlantic Coast- U.S. Gulf, prompt, WS 205, Global.

NIDIA, NIS flag, built 1990, 28,500 tons, clean, Yanbu to India, Oct. 17, WS 180, Elf.

WORLD SPRING, PAN flag, built 1985, 30,000 tons, clean, Aden to Japan, Oct. 27, WS 230, Showa Shell.

NEVADA, MLT flag, built 1982, 50,000 tons, dirty, U.S. Gulf to Mediterranean, October, $700,000 lump sum, Cabot.

PUPPY P., MLT flag, built 1970, 24,000 tons, dirty, Ventspils to United Kingdom Continent, Oct. 14, WS 187.5, charterer not reported.

PETROSKALD, LBR flag, built 1982, 30,000 tons, dirty, Coryton to Portugal, Oct. 14, $147,500 lump sum, Stinnes.

ZOJA II, CYP flag, built 1982, 25,000 tons, dirty, Port Jerome to Portugal, October, WS 190, Petrogal.

THORSAGA, NIS flag, built 1980, 80,000 tons, dirty, Sidi Kerir to Falconara, Oct. 16, WS 100, API.

BUTRON, ESP flag, built 1991, 130,000 tons, dirty, Novorossiysk to United Kingdom Continent-Mediterranean, October, WS 92.5, Ursa.

BLUE SKY RIVER, PAN flag, built 1987, 80,000 tons, dirty, Barrow and Kakap to Sydney and Geelung, Oct. 21, WS 115, Shell Australia.

STAR CHERRY, SGP flag, built 1976, 60,000 tons, dirty, cross Singapore, Oct. 10, $80,000 lump sum, Kuo Oil.

BUNGA KERANJI, MYS flag, built 1981, 80,000 tons, dirty, Kerteh to Sriracha, October, $188,000 lump sum, Bangchak.

TEEKAY SPIRIT, BHS flag, built 1991, 80,000 tons, dirty, Onsan to Hong Kong-Singapore, Oct. 18, $225,000 lump sum, OTC.

DEVON, LBR flag, built 1976, 80,000 tons, dirty, Jebel Dhanna to Mombasa, Oct. 11, WS 112.5, Neste.

PARROT LAKE, LBR flag, built 1991, 75,000 tons, dirty, Bandar Mahshahr to east, Oct. 25, WS 120, OTC.

KHANIA, GRC flag, built 1978, 130,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 23, WS 83.5, Alpine.

CAPETAN COSTIS, MLT flag, built 1989, 35,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Oct. 10, WS 170, Hess.

NIKOLAOS, BHS flag, built 1975, 130,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 23, WS 85, Arcadia.

NISSOS THERASSIA, GRC flag, built 1979, 80,000 tons, dirty, Algeria to Trieste, Oct. 18, WS 103.5, DEA.

BERYL, LBR flag, built 1994, 80,000 tons, dirty, Singapore to Hong Kong, Oct. 16, $250,000 lump sum, Alpine.

ELISABETH MAERSK, DIS flag, built 1993, 280,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to east coast Canada, Oct. 25, WS 42.5, Irving Oil.

ANDREA, MLT flag, built 1994, 26,000 tons, clean, Coryton to Italy, Oct. 13, WS 175, Mobil.

WISTERIA, PHL flag, built 1991, 260,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 22, WS 52.5, Shell.

BERGE SEPTIMUS, NIS flag, built 1974, 260,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 28, WS 52.5, Shell.

DENEB, LBR flag, built 1985, 75,000 tons, dirty, Covenas to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 15, WS 157.5, Exxon.

ST. VASSILIOS, BHS flag, built 1981, 50,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Oct. 13-15, WS 170, Coastal.

LONDON VICTORY, GBR flag, built 1982, 60,000 tons, dirty, St. Croix to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Oct. 14, WS 127.5, Hess.

SOLOGNE, BHS flag, built 1977, 130,000 tons, dirty, Palanca to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 25, WS 87.5, Coastal.

ATLANTIC RUBY, PAN flag, built 1993, 250,000 tons, dirty, Kharg Island to South Africa, Oct. 29, WS 45, Stena.

NEW VICTORY, LBR flag, built 1993, 270,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Oct. 25, WS 50, BP America.

MARE QUEEN, PAN flag, built 1979, 49,000 tons, dirty, Ecuador to U.S. Atlantic Coast-U.S. Gulf, Oct. 16, WS 155, Flopec.

SKAUBAY, NIS flag, built 1983, 72,000 tons, dirty, east coast Mexico to Baytown, Oct. 17-19, WS 150, Exxon.

EQUATOR, MLT flag, built 1978, 97,000 tons, dirty, Puerto la Cruz to Curacao, October, $180,000 lump sum, Lagoven.

HELLESPONT SERENITY, LBR flag, built 1976, 55,000 tons, dirty, U.S. Gulf to United Kingdom Continent-Mediterranean, Oct. 10-11, WS 95, Scanports.

BUNGA KERTAS, MYS flag, built 1976, 64,000 tons, dirty, Seria to Singapore, Oct. 20, $185,000 lump sum, Shell International Eastern Trading Co.

MARIETTA C., GRC flag, built 1981, 35,000 tons, dirty, Singapore to Haldia, Oct. 15, $390,000 lump sum, Tauber.

DA QING 88, CHN flag, built 1986, 70,000 tons, clean, Red Sea to Far East, Nov. 2, WS 140, Marubeni.

ACE TRADER, PAN flag, built 1987, 50,000 tons, clean, Ras Tanura to South Korea, Oct. 27, WS 172.5, Daelim, rptd.

GAIDA, LBR flag, built 1991, 30,000 tons, clean, South Korea to South China, Oct. 27, $187,500 lump sum, Samsung.

GOLAR STIRLING, LBR flag, built 1992, 260,000 tons, dirty, Yanby to South Korea, Oct. 29, WS 45, Ssangyong.

BRITISH SUCCESS, BMU flag, built 1983, 117,000 tonner taking part cargo 80,000 tons, dirty, Kerteh to Port Dickson, Oct. 12, $190,000 lump sum, Misc.

NAGATINO, LBR flag, built 1991, 30,000 tons, dirty, Karachi to Nanjing, Oct. 12, $450,000 lump sum, Sinolink.

ALFA AMERICA, BHS flag, built 1979, 77,000 tons, dirty, Arzew to Lavera, Oct. 17, WS 102.5, BP.

AIRE, PMD flag, built 1976, 30,000 tons, dirty, Lavera to Brindisi, October, $120,000 lump sum, Enichem.

TITO TAPIAS, PAN flag, built 1989, 132,000 tons, dirty, North Sea to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Oct. 23, WS 82.5, Sun.

LOCHNESS, LBR flag, bult 1994, 80,000 tons, dirty, Ventspils to United Kingdom Continent, Oct. 15, WS 107.5, Taurus.