AR: American Tanker RateSchedule Revised

RS: American Tanker Rate Schedule

Bends: Both ends

FIO: Free in and out

FIOS: Free in and out stowed

FIOT: Free in and out trimmed

Shex: Sunday-holidays excluded

Shinc: Sunday-holidays included

WS: Worldscale


MAVI, Tur flag, built 1975, 49,000 tons, pellets stowing 53 ft., Paranagua to South Korea, Aug. 1-15, $39.75, fio, 5,000 tons load, 3,000 tons discharge.

MONTEREY, GRC flag, built 1974, 53,500 deadweight cargo capacity on 37 ft. brackish, 3,237,840 cubic grain, any grains, Brazil to Lisbon-Hamburg range, Aug. 19-23, $1,097,750 lump sum, 14 days.

ARETHUSA, CYP flag, built 1973, 20,523 deadweight cargo capacity, 1,087,730 cubic grain, grains, Sao Francisco do Sul to Sete, Aug. 10-14, $460,000 lump sum, FIO, eight (8) days.

DIMITRIS A., Shipmair relet, GRC flag, built 1983, 52,000 long tons 5 percet, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, U.S. Gulf to Japan, Aug. 24-30, $33.50 without combination ports, $34.25 with combination ports, plus $1.75 extra for second and third disport, fio, 11 days Shex, rptd.


KWK LEGACY, PHL fla, built 1993, 140,000 tons 10 percent, ore, Ubu to Ijmuiden, Aug. 20-30, $8.80, fio, six (6) days Shinc.


MARIA, MLT flag, built 1984, 33,000 tons 5 percent, scrap stowing 49 ft., Hamburg completing Brunsbuttel to Nemrut, Aug. 10-20, $17.50, fio, 8,000 tons Shex, 4,000 tons Shinc discharge, disbursement for second load disport to be for charterer's account.

TO BE NAMED, 30,000 tons 10 percent, scrap, Antwerp to Nemrut, Aug. 16-20, $16.00, fio, 7,500 tons Fhex load, 4,000 tons Shinc discharge.


KHUDOZHNIK FEDOROVSKIY, RUS flag, built 1978, 20,000 tons, tapioca stowing 52 ft., Kosichang to Portugal, mid-August, $15.00, fio, 8,000 tons Shinc load/ 5,000 tons Shex discharge.


REA, CYP flag, built 1973, 60,104 metric dwt., delivery Gibraltar, mid- August, West African round voyage, redelivery Gibraltar-Hamburg range, $13.750 daily, Lalemant.

ALMA, GRC flag, built 1980, 17,520 metric dwt., multipurpose type, 482 teu, delivery Japan, Aug. 4-6, South African round voyage, redelivery Japan, $7,000 daily, NYK.

JIN SHUN, PAN flag, built 1984, 39,728 metric dwt., delivery El Salvador, prompt, trip, redelivery Far East, $14,300 daily, plus $310,000 ballast bonus, Grant Bulk Carriers.

EURYDICE, MLT flag, built 1976, 34,403 metric dwt., 13.0 knots on 29.5 tons, 5 x 25-ton derricks, delivery Houston, Aug. 5-9, trip, delivery Red Sea, $13,700 daily, $160,000 ballast bonus, Tigris.

TOGO PAL, built 1977, 17,100 metric dwt., multipurpose type, delivery Continent, prompt, trip, redelivery Cristobal, $7,100 daily, Repinter.

OINOUSSIAN SKY, GRC flag, built 1987, 64,377 metric dwt., 14 knots on 27 tons fuel oil plus 2 tons diesel oil, delivery Continent, Aug. 5-10, trip via U.S. Gulf and Egypt, redelivery Cape Passero, $15,800 daily, MISR.

CORELLI, MLT flag, built 1975, 38,720 metric dwt., August, six (6) option six (6) months trading, $11,500 daily, Maraven.

ORIANA, PHL flag, built 1987, 69,755 metric dwt., delivery Okinawa, Aug. 16, 3 to 5 months trading, redelivery Far East, $16,000 daily, Navix Line.


CANOPUS, AUS flag, built 1986, 29,000 tons, clean, Caribbean to Brazil, Aug. 13, ws 245, Citgo.

LIMAR, LBR flag, built 1988, 28,500 tons, clean, Aruba to Honolulu, Aug. 18, ws 260, Kuwait Petroleum Corp.

SAINT VASSILIOS, BHS flag, built 1981, 40,000 tons, dirty, Brazil to options, Aug. 12, ws 205, Petrobras.

TO BE NAMED, 40,000 tons, vacuum gas oil, Brazil to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 6, ws 205, Petrobras.

NORD BALTIC, SGP flag, built 1986, 78,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 7, ws 138, Amoco.

VITORIA, MLT flag, built 1977, 49,000 tons, dirty, Curacao to Jacksonville, Aug. 3, ws 175, Maraven.

MARE DORICO, ITA flag, built 1993, 73,000 tons, dirty, St. Eustatius to Philadelphia, Aug. 11, ws 141, Sun.

NOL TONNAGE, 80,000 tons, dirty, Bahamas to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 10, ws 125, Statoil.

CONTINENTAL, LBR flag, built 1993, 77,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 17, ws 132, Mobil.

COLUMBUS, BHS flag, built 1976, 50,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast-U.S. Gulf, Aug. 4, ws 167.5, Coastal.

BERGE BROKER, NIS flag, built 1977, 350,000 tons, dirty, Ras Tanura to Ain Sukhna, Aug. 22, ws 54, Exxon.

MEGA BAY, NIS flag, built 1976, 130,000 tons, dirty, West Africa to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Aug. 10, ws 85, BPNA.

DAPHNE L., MLT flag, built 1976, 80,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to east, August, ws 104, Kuwait Petroleum Corp.

SEARACER, MLT flag, built 1975, 130,000 tons, dirty, Novorossiysk to United Kingdom Continent, Aug. 15, ws 95, Nafta.

NISSOS KYTHNOS, GRC flag, built 1976, 80,000 tons, dirty, Marsa al Hariga to Trieste, Aug. 13, ws 110, Conoco.

BERGE PIONEER, NIS flag, built 1980, 350,000 tons, dirty, Ras Tanura to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 7, ws 52.5, Vela.

AFRICAN RUBY, PAN flag, built 1994, 143,000 tons, dirty, Sture to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Aug. 14, ws 80, Sun.

ALANDIA TIDE, BHS flag, built 1975, 80,000 tons, dirty, Hamble to Wilhelmshaven, Aug. 10, ws 125, Louis Dreyfus.

MARE QUEEN, PAN flag, built 1979, 50,000 tons, dirty, Caribbean to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 7, ws 165, Global.

HIKARI ORIENT, PAN flag, built 1975, 257,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to Yosu, Aug. 21, ws 63.5, Hona.

IKARIA, GRC flag, built 1977, 257,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to Yosu, Aug. 21, ws 63.5, Honam, this replaces the fixture report of July 31 of the WORLD CHAMPION being fixed for the business which failed.

BERYL, LBR flag, built 1994, 80,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to Singapore, August, ws 107.5, Bahrain National Oil Co.

PALM TONNAGE, 80,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to Singapore, August, ws 107.5, Bahrain National Oil Co.

DENEB, LBR flag, built 1985, 74,000 tons, dirty, Persian Gulf to U.S. Gulf, Aug. 18, ws 92.5, Texaco.

TANJA JACOB, TUV flag, built 1980, 30,000 tons, dirty, Pagerungan to Singapore, Aug. 7, $130,000 lump sum, BP Singapore.

KUBAN, RUS flag, built 1976, 130,000 tons, dirty, Novorossiysk to Portugal, Aug. 5, ws 91, Petraco.

MONTROSE, no details, 83,000 tons, dirty, Bouri to Spain, Aug. 10, ws 105, Repsol.