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The dry cargo and tanker fixtures listed herewith and compiled in London and New York, include the following information: voyage, loading date, ship's name, when obtainable, rates and other data, relating to the charter.GLOSSARY

AR: American Tanker Rate

Schedule Revised

RS: American Tanker Rate Schedule

Bends: Both ends

FIO: Free in and out

FIOS: Free in and out stowed

FIOT: Free in and out trimmed

Shex: Sunday-holidays excluded

Shinc: Sunday-holidays included

WS: Worldscale


Paranagua to Lisbon-Rotterdam, Mar. 12-20, 32,000 tons, pellets, (MARINA), Gr flag, built 1970, $15.25, FIO, 10 days.

U.S. Gulf to Commonwealth of Independent States, Black Sea, March, 80,000 tons, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, (LEROS SUN), Cy flag, built 1970,

bulk-oiler, $16.50, option Commonwealth of Independent States, Baltic Sea at $15.50, or Novotallin at $15.00, FIO, 10,000 tons load/CQD discharge.

Mississippi River to Spanish Mediterranean, Mar. 9-12, 55,000 tons, heavy

grains, soyas and sorghums, (OINOUSSIAN NAVIGATOR), Gr flag, built 1987, $10.00, FIO, 11 days.

U.S. Gulf to Taiwan, early April, 54,000 tons, 10 percent, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, (HANJIN TONNAGE), $22.15, FIO, 5 days load, 4,000 tons discharge, fixed recently.


Hampton Roads to Holland, Mar. 26-Apr. 10, 120,000 tons, 10 percent, coal, (PERMEKE), Lu flag, built 1982, bulk-oiler, $4.95, FIO, 35,000 tons Shinc load, 40,000 tons Shinc discharge.


Saldanha Bay to Taranto, Apr. 1-15, 140,000 tons, ore, (TRADE DARING), Cy flag, built 1972, bulk-oiler, $5.15, FIO, 6 days Shinc.

Tubarao to Kaohsiung, Mar. 15-30, 110,000 tons, 10 percent, ore, (ARROW NIKI), Nor flag, built 1974, bulk-oiler, $8.25, FIO, 40,000 tons load, 38,000 tons discharge.

Port Cartier to Rotterdam, Apr. 1-15, 140,000 tons, 10 percent, ore, (AMBRA HUNTER), Nor flag, built 1974, ore-oiler, $5.10, FIO, 6 days Shinc.


Lazaro Cardenas to India, Mar. 11-15, 28,000 tons max. 5 percent less, bulk diammonium phosphate, (NORMAN QUEEN), Li flag, built 1973, $33.00, FIO, 6,000 tons load, 1,000 tons discharge.


Georgetown, Guyana to London, Greenock, Nantes or Marseilles, Mar. 25-31, 8,000 tons, 5 percent, bulk sugar, (TO BE NAMED), sterling 19.70 basis United Kingdom or Nantes, option Marseilles discharge sterling 21.70, FIO, 750 tons bends.


Delivery Taiwan, Indonesian round voyage, redelivery Japan, mid-March, (ORANGE PHOENIX), Ja flag, built 1986, 69,561 dwt., $11,000 daily, Shinwa, rptd.

Delivery arrival pilot station Richards Bay, trip, redelivery Japan, Apr. 1-5, (TOPAZ), Gr flag, built 1985, 46,874 dwt., $8,500 daily, plus $150,000 ballast bonus, Showa.

Delivery Vancouver, trip, redelivery Japan, end March, (REFORM), Nor flag, built 1990, 38,461 dwt., $7,200 daily, plus $130,000 ballast bonus, Showa.

Tanker Timecharter: One year's trading in direct continuation, May 1, (SAMCO EUROPE), Bs flag, built 1988, 255,016 dwt., $28,000 daily, 'K' Line.

Delivery Sakaide, Japan, 2-legged trip via United States, redelivery Far East, Mar. 20-25, (NORTH EMPEROR), Gr flag, built 1987, 67,232 dwt., $11,000 daily, NYK.

Delivery U.S. West Coast, trip, redelivery South Korea, Mar. 15-30, (CHERRY FLOWER), Gr flag, built 1977, 22,670 dwt., Fortune type, $5,150 daily, plus $100,000 ballast bonus, Hanjin.

Delivery Cape Passero, trip via Kpeme, redelivery Isabela, Philippines, mid-March, (MARIANN), Bs flag, built 1977, 64,064 dwt., $11,100 daily, Navix Line.

Delivery arrival pilot station Richards Bay, trip, redelivery Gibraltar- Skaw range, Mar. 10-20, (COMMON VENTURE), Gr flag, built 1971, 26,102 dwt., $3,500 daily, Seanav.

Delivery Ghent, trip via U.S. Gulf, redelivery Far East, prompt, (WESTERN TRADER), Pi flag, built 1989, 70,329 dwt., $12,500 daily, Pacific Marine.


Red Sea to Spain, Mar. 7, 125,000 tons, dirty, (GERONA), Sp flag, built 1976, WS 70, Petronor.

Ras Isa to Aden for two (2) consecutive voyages, Mar. 10, 80,000 tons, dirty, (TO BE NAMED), $200,000 lump sum for each voyage, Aden Refining.

Lavan to India, Mar. 10, 73,000 tons, dirty, (ASIATIC SPIRIT), Li flag, built 1977, WS 100, Shipping Corp. of India.

Rabigh to Japan, Mar. 21, 63,000 tonner taking part cargo 50,000 tons, clean, (FLAMINIA), Gr flag, built 1985, WS 115, BP Trading.

United Kingdom to United Kingdom Continent, Mar. 5, 100,000 tonner taking part cargo 80,000 tons, dirty, (NORD BALTIC), Sg flag, built 1986, WS 120, Total.

Ras Lanuf to United Kingdom Continent, Mar. 6, 78,000 tons, dirty, (RICH DUCHESS), Bs flag, built 1986, WS 97, option Mediterranean WS 102, Repsol.

Black Sea to Mediterranean, prompt, 30,000 tonner taking part cargo 24,000 tons, dirty, (NORTH WIND), Ma flag, built 1969, WS 120, Andromeda.

Donges to United Kingdom Continent, Mar. 5, 21,000 tons, dirty, (TO BE NAMED), WS 165, Cargill.

Antwerp to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Mar. 10, 30,000 tons, clean, (ENDURANCE), Sg flag, built 1988, WS 130, Petrofina.

Lavera to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Mar. 10, 28,000 tons, clean, (PAULINA), Li flag, built 1984, WS 130, Petrofina.

Persian Gulf to Japan, Apr. 3, 225,000 tons, dirty, (ASTER C.), Pa flag, built 1975, WS 37.5, Nippon Mining.

Tartous to Fos, Mar. 16, 119,000 tonner taking part cargo 80,000 tons, dirty, (ARABIYAH), Ku flag, built 1989, WS 100, option United Kingdom Continent WS 97.5, Total.

Brofjorden to W.C. United Kingdom, March, 25,000 tons, dirty, (ESTHER), Nor flag, built 1989, WS 145, Stinnes.

China to Singapore, Mar. 12, 38,000 tonner taking part cargo 20,000 tons, clean, (SAUCON, EX-MOBIL ENTERPRISE), Li flag, built 1983, $205,000 lump sum, Elf Singapore.

Red Sea to India, Mar. 12, 30,000 tons, clean, (SINGA WILRIVER), Bs flag, built 1979, WS 185, Marubeni.

Alexandria to United Kingdom Continent-Mediterranean, Mar. 14, 30,000 tonner taking part cargo 25,000 tons, clean, (FOUR WINDS), Ma flag, built 1976, WS 160, Mira Oil.

Zawia to N. France, prompt, 27,000 tonner taking part cargo 19,000 tons, clean, (ROMOE MAERSK), Da flag, built 1986, WS 180, BP.

Sture to United Kingdom Continent, Mar. 8, 89,000 tonner taking part cargo 70,000 tons, dirty, (CELTIC), Li flag, built 1975, WS 120, Texaco.

Tees to Coryton, Mar. 8, 78,000 tons, dirty, (SEA ROYAL), Bs flag, built 1974, WS 97.5, Mobil. This replaces the report of Mar. 5 of the (ALEXANDROS) being fixed for the business.

Persian Gulf to Turkey, Mar. 16, 85,000 tons, dirty, (RAUF BEY), Tu flag, built 1973, WS 68, Tupras.

Persian Gulf to West, Mar. 19, 260,000 tons, dirty, (BRITISH RANGER), Gb flag, built 1976, WS 32, Vela.

Skikda to United Kingdom Continent, Mar. 9, 30,000 tons, gas oil, (NINFEA), It flag, built 1976, WS 135, option Mediterranean WS 125, Mobil.

Continent to Mediterranean, March, 43,000 tons, dirty, (PSARA), Gr flag, built 1989, WS 110, BP.

Continent to U.S. Atlantic Coast-U.S. Gulf, March, 40,000 tons, dirty, (SAMOTHRAKI), Gr flag, built 1989, WS 100, Vitol.

Ras Lanuf to Immingham, Mar. 10, 45,000 tons, dirty, (SAINT HELEN), Ma flag, built 1974, WS 110, Conoco.

Sullom Voe to Wilhelmshaven, Mar. 8, 96,000 tonner taking part cargo 67,000 tons, dirty, (VENTURE), Gr flag, built 1966, WS 102.5, Scanports.