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The dry cargo and tanker fixtures listed herewith and compiled in London and New York, include the following information: voyage, loading date, ship's name, when obtainable, rates and other data, relating to the charter.GLOSSARY

AR: American Tanker Rate

Schedule Revised

RS: American Tanker Rate Schedule

Bends: Both ends

FIO: Free in and out

FIOS: Free in and out stowed

FIOT: Free in and out trimmed

Shex: Sunday-holidays excluded

Shinc: Sunday-holidays included

WS: Worldscale


Ravenna to Mombasa, Jan. 24-31, part cargo 4,273 metric tons, bagged rice, (MARJAN I, EX-HEROJ KOSTA STAMENKOVIC), SV flag, built 1978, $42.00, FIO, 250 metric tons per gang per day load, 250 tons per hatch per day discharge.

Vancouver to South Korea, Feb. 1-15, 55,000 tons, wheat, (PAN OCEAN TONNAGE), $14.25, FIO, 10,000 tons load, 7,250 tons discharge.

U.S. North Pacific to Port Qasim, Jan. 15-25, 30,000 metric tons, bulk wheat, (AMERICAN VETERAN), Am flag, built 1973, $58.98 per metric tons, liner in no demurrage-despatch, no detention at loading, 3,000 metric tons free discharge.

Ghent to Saudia Arabia, prompt, 45,000 tons, barley, (VANESSA), Cy flag, built 1975, $17.00, FIO, 5,000 tons load, 3,000 tons discharge.

Mississippi River to Rotterdam, Jan. 17-21, 55,000 deadweight cargo capacity, 2,605,991 grain cubic, any grains, (CORNILIOS), Li flag, built 1974, $665,000 lump sum, FIOT, 10 days.

Mississippi River to German North Sea, Jan. 15-20, 55,000 tons, 5 percent, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, (KALI L.), Gr flag, built 1977, $13.00, FIOT, 10 days, rptd.

North Pacific to Japan, Feb. 10-15, 52,000 long tons, 5 percent, heavy

grains, soyas and sorghums, (CAPTAIN GEORGE L.), Gr flag, built 1982, $14.15 without combination ports, $14.65 with one combination port, FIOT, 11 days, rptd.

U.S. Gulf to Rotterdam, Jan. 15-22, 54,000 tons, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, (ATLANTIC PRIDE), Li flag, built 1978, $12.00, FIO, 10 days.

U.S. Gulf to Rijeka, Jan. 15-23, 27,000 tons, meals, (TO BE NAMED), $22.50, FIO, 5 days load, 3,000 tons discharge.

River Plate, not above San Lorenzo, and Brazil to Italy, Jan. 25-Feb. 5, 33,000 deadweight cargo capacity, 1,710,000 grain cubic, grain/grain products, (YICK HING), Va flag, built 1983, $705,000 lump sum, FIO, 10 days, rptd.

River Plate completing Brazil to Lisbon-Hamburg range, prompt, 30,000 deadweight cargo capacity, 1,405,000 grain cubic, grain/grain products, (EFESSOS), Gr flag, built 1973, $510,000 lump sum, FIO, 10 days, rptd.

U.S. Gulf to Puerto Cabello and Maracaibo, Jan. 25-30, 13,000 tons, soybean meal, (TO BE NAMED), $23.00, FIO, 3 days load, 600 tons discharge, rptd.

U.S. Gulf to Japan, Feb. 1-10, 52,000 tons, heavy grains, soyas and sorghums, (GUINOMAR BASTION), Li flag, built 1981, $24.85 with no combination ports, option $25.35 with one combination port, FIO, 11 days.


Saldanha to Taranto, Feb. 10-20, 226,000 long tons, ore, (TRADE FORTITUDE), Li flag, built 1972, ore-oiler, $5.55, 4 days Shinc bends.


Delivery arrival pilot station North Pacific, trip, redelivery South Korea, Jan. 15-30, (CALIFORNIA), Bs flag, built 1982, 60,158 metric dwt., 13 knots on 30 tons fuel oil, $11,400 daily, Pan Ocean, rptd.

Delivery Singapore, trip via Brazil, redelivery Far East, prompt, (CERINTHUS), Sg flag, built 1988, 38,245 metric dwt., $8,250 daily, Pacific Marine, rptd.

Delivery U.S. Gulf, trip Soviet Black Sea, redelivery Skaw-Passero, prompt, (WORLD ACHILLES), Gr flag, built 1975, 37,389 dwt., $7,300 daily, $1,500 ballast bonus, Frontline, rptd.

Delivery Fukuyama, E.C. Australian round voyage, redelivery Japan, Jan. 19-25, (NEPHELE), Gr flag, built 1983, 71,927 dwt., 14 knots on 46 tons fuel oil, no diesel oil, $11,850 daily, 'K'-Line.

Delivery Mississippi River, trip via Black Sea, redelivery Cape Passero, Jan. 23-27, (OCEANIC MINDANAO), Pa flag, built 1977, 64,725 dwt., $11,250 daily, plus $200,000 ballast bonus, Continental Grain, rptd.

Delivery retroactive sailing Hakata, trip via Chile, redelivery Japan, Jan. 11, (BULKTRIESTE), It flag, built 1984, 69,201 dwt., $11,950 daily, Sanko.

Delivery arrival pilot station Camden, N.J., trip, redelivery Alcanar, Jan. 17-20, (HAPPYMAN), Cy flag, built 1976, 56,782 dwt., $8,000 daily, plus $160,000 ballast bonus, Carbotrade.

Delivery U.S. Gulf, trip, redelivery China, prompt, (ANGELIC FAITH), Gr flag, built 1984, 65,772 dwt., 14 knots on 32 tons fuel oil plus 3 tons diesel oil, $14,000 daily, plus $275,000 ballast bonus, Chinese Charterers.

Delivery Niihama in direct continuation, New South Wales round voyage, redelivery Japan, Jan. 20-22, (ATLANTIC SAVIOR), Gr flag, built 1983, 64,754 dwt., 14 knots on 38 tons fuel oil plus 2 tons diesel oil, $11,750 daily, Mitsui OSK.

Delivery passing Muscat outbound, trip via Mormugao with iron ore, redelivery Japan, prompt, (AYIASSOS), Gr flag, built 1982, 65,159 dwt., $13,250 daily, Mitsui OSK fixed recently.

Delivery Aqaba, trip, redelivery Indonesia, prompt, (GRIPARION), Cy flag, built 1971, 70,247 dwt., bulk-oiler, $11,000 daily, Gesuri Chartering.


Persian Gulf to U.S. Gulf, Jan. 20, 260,000 tons, dirty, (MARINER), Bs flag, built 1976, WS 45, option United Kingdom Continent WS 47.5, Vela.

West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Jan. 28, 117,000 tons, dirty, (JAHRE SPRAY), Nor flag, built 1975, WS 77.5, option United Kingdom Continent WS 80, Shell.

Okinawa to Philippines, Jan. 13, 50,000 tons, dirty, (RAIKO MARU), Ja flag, built 1977, $195,000 lump sum, Kuo Oil.

Aruba to U.S. Gulf, spot, 67,000 tons, dirty, (CAIRO), Li flag, built 1978, WS 132.5, American Petrofina, rptd.

Persian Gulf to Japan, Jan. 24, 220,000 tons, dirty, (CHRYSSI), Gr flag, built 1973, WS 42.5-45, Mobil.

Aruba to Bayway, Jan. 21-23, 73,000 tons, dirty, (RICH DUCHESS), Bs flag, built 1986, WS 115, Exxon.

West Africa to U.S. Gulf, Jan. 23, 132,000 tons, dirty, (KNOCK TAGGART), Pa flag, built 1974, WS 80, Elf.

Caribbean to Singapore, Jan. 14-16, 100,000 tons, dirty, (ULSAN SPIRIT), Li flag, built 1990, WS 1.15 million, Texaco.

Sidi Kerir to Constanza, Jan. 17, 130,000 tons, dirty, (SIR JOHN), Gr flag, built 1976, WS 90, Chevron, not previously reported.

Venezuela to United Kingdom Continent, Jan. 20-22, 68,500 tons, dirty, (BRAER), Li flag, built 1975, WS 90-92.5, Lagoven.

Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast-U.S. Gulf, Jan. 19-21, 30,000 tons, clean, (PLUTO), Li fla, built 1981, WS 225, Citgo.

Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast-U.S. Gulf, Jan. 19-21, 30,000 tons, clean, (IRVING CANADA), Ca flag, built 1981, WS 225, Citgo. Citgo is now reported to have fixed three clean tankers, (IRVING ESKIMO), Jan. 10, the (PLUTO) and (IRVING CANADA).

Yanbu to Mohammedia, Feb. 5, 116,000 tons, dirty, (FOLENGANDROS), Gr flag, built 1974, ore-oiler, WS 77, Samir.

Persian Gulf to India, Jan. 18, 30,000 tons, clean, (PETROBULK PILOT), Li flag, built 1985, WS 220, Elf.

Persian Gulf to India, Jan. 14, 30,000 tons, clean, (ATHENIAN XENOPHON), Cy flag, built 1981, WS 250, Sitco.

Sullom Voe to U.S. Gulf, Jan. 25, 130,000 tons, dirty, (TROMSO CONFIDENCE), Li flag, built 1991, WS 72.5, Cargill.

Ras Lanuf to Trieste, Jan. 16, 100,000 tons, dirty, (TO BE NAMED), WS 115, OMV.

Continent to Pakistan, Jan. 30, 34,000 tons, clean, (SUKHE BATOR), Ru flag, built 1979, WS 212.5, Scanports.

Caribbean to U.S. West Coast, Feb. 2, 47,000 tons, fuel oil, (LUNAMAR II), Pa flag, built 1980, WS 130, Corpoven.

Caribbean to U.S. Atlantic Coast, Jan. 14, 33,000 tons, clean, (JULIUS HAMMER), Am flag, built 1981, pusher tug, WS 185, Elf.

Amuay Bay to Boston, Jan. 19, 30,000 tons, clean, (PLUTO), Li flag, built 1981, WS 225, Citgo.

U.S. Atlantic Coast to Far East, January, 30,000 tons, clean, (PALIMA), Pa flag, built 1988, $1.15 million lump sum, Elf.

Sullom Voe to Turkey, Jan. 24, 250,000 tons, dirty, (ESSO PICARDI), Fr flag, built 1976, WS 45, Tupras.

Sture to Wilhelmshaven, Jan. 22, 67,000 tons, dirty, (STAR W TONNAGE), WS 127.5, Wintershall.

Sullom Voe to United Kingdom Continent, Jan. 15, 78,000 tons, dirty, (PRIMO), Sw flag, built 1987, WS 117.5, Elf.

Persian Gulf to United Kingdom Continent, Jan. 15, 300,000 tons, dirty, (KAROLINE MAERSK), Da flag, built 1976, WS 42.5, Shell France.

Tees to Mediterranean, Jan. 18, 64,000 tons, dirty, (HOEGH FULMAR), Bs flag, built 1983, bulk-oiler, WS 103.5, Lagoven, rptd.

Persian Gulf to India, Jan. 20, 29,000 tons, clean, (ATHENIAN CHARM), Cy flag, built 1984, WS 220, Sitco.