Register of Shipping Opens Singapore Office

Register of Shipping Opens Singapore Office

The International Register of Shipping opened an office in Singapore as part of its strategy to expand its worldwide presence.

The Singapore office will be designated as a regional center for the classification society and will offer a wide range of services.

“Singapore is one the busiest ports in the world and with a free market economy and political stability, many shipping companies are making this their home,” says Julian Padilla, board chairman of the International Register of Shipping. “We intend to be the preferred service provider to these companies.

International Register of Shipping, established in 1993, is an independent classification society serving a fleet of more than 1,300 ships around the world, with surveyors working in more than 100 countries.

It already has offices and/or surveyors in Alexandria, Bergen, Cochin, Dakar, Dubai, Houston, Lagos, Limassol, Moscow, New Orleans, Odessa, Panama City, Piraeus, Shanghai, Tartous, and Vladivostok, with headquarters in Miami.

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