Textile Quotas to Watch as of Jan. 13, 1991*

Country Category Description % FilledBangladesh 340/640 Shirts, MB, NK 89.6

Bangladesh 347/348 Trousers, slacks and shorts 90.6

Bangladesh 647/648 Trousers, slacks and shorts 86.2

Bangladesh 847 Trousers, slacks and shorts 87.5

Brazil 300/301 Yarns, carded or combed 90.9

Brazil 317/326 Twills and sateens 92.4

Brazil 350 Dressing gowns 94.8

Dominican Republic 339/639 Shirts, blouses, WG, knit 86.2

*Indicates categories that may embargo within four weeks at current rate of use.

Note: Above lists were compiled using U.S. Customs import statistics and reflect current quota and charge status.

MMF = Man-made fiber; MB = Men's and boys'; WG = Women's and girls'; WGI = Women's, girls' and infants'.

Source: American Association of Exporters and Importers Textile Quota Alert Services, New York.